Create Your WordPress Multilanguage Website

When we start creating a great WordPress Multilanguage website for site visitors, it may be easy to focus on fully tested-tested details, such as design and user experience, and ignoring other factors, which You can have a profound impact on conversions compared to you. Creating a multi-language website is an amazingly simple way to reach new audiences and scale in new markets:

This allows visitors to navigate their native language (adding a deep feeling of faith); It also helps you tap in emerging markets and gain an edge over the competition.

Other benefits of translating translated languages for multi-language websites include:

  1. More visibility: Strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Reach new audiences: attract and change more customers
  3. The bottom line is that drive more sales and scale your business

We’ve touched some of the benefits of building a multi-language website on WordPress, let’s look at Weglot, one of the best (and top-rated) plugins available on WordPress (also available for other platforms, including Shopify and JavaScript Included) integration), before running through multi-language website plugin setup. See for yourself how easy it is to set up your multi-language website, and in a short time to get up and walk.

Now, let see what We got has done to offer website owners.

We got Multilingual WordPress Plugin

We got is one of the most highly rated multi-language website plugins for WordPress. It supports updated languages more than 100 times, is constantly added with new languages. Automated translations are supported by live human editing, when you need a high level of professionalism and accuracy, the setup process should take a step up.

The plugin also includes multi-language website SEO, which can be easily searchable by a wider audience. Each language is automatically placed in the generated subdirectory – for example, / es / or / fr /.

A personal language button sits on the page, so users can easily select the language of their choice, the hreflang tag added to the section of your site that makes it easily recognizable by Google.

We can use We got with any WordPress theme and offers automatic compatibility with plugins (including WooCommerce). It also gives you the option to translate everything at the page level. Additional posts, pages, custom post types, custom taxonomy, and custom fields are translatable; Direct integration with Yoest’s SEO plugin.

The pricing of we got is based on how much traffic goes to your site, and the amount of words and languages you need. The free tier adds a language with 2,000 translated words, and you can go all the way to unlimited languages and up to 5,000,000 translated words. There is also a trial period which allows you to try the features of Vegelot for free. There is something for everyone.

Let’s install your multi-language website plugin on WordPress! Here is a simple two-step process.

  1. 1. Get started with Weblog’s free multi-language website plugin:

To begin installing your multi-language plugin, select your first language to translate.

Once you add your first targeted language, head to your WordPress dashboard, and plugins → new.

Search the weblog, then install → activate. Click on Settings, and follow the prompts to create an account, which you will need to automate translations.

Set your original website language, and then select the first language that you want to translate.

After you choose, save the setting.

How to make sure your translations are high quality

You want to make sure that your translations are accurate, so go to your weblog dashboard, where you can manually review translations.

You can find professional agencies for your multi-language website by visiting the Professional Translation tab, where native translators will review your translations for accuracy. This service is useful if you do not get in-house access to translation services.

This way you can ensure that your WordPress site is a professional in your preferred language.

As a side note, look for the images in the images. This should not happen because you have access and bad for SEO, but you can use Weglot to replace images with translated versions.

To do this, go to the Weblog Dashboard, sort your translation list by content type → media, and then optimize the URL of the images you want to translate. You will need to upload these images separately from your WordPress Dashboard → Media Library → Add New.

Take your multi-language website to the next level

By creating your own multi-language website, you will overcome the obstacles between yourself and foreign visitors; It is making it even easier to reach a global market. Not only will you stand out from the competition; You will stand for customers and site visitors by going to the extra mile to communicate in your native language: an attractive step for everyone.

WordPress support multilingual website plugins automate this process for you and reduce your workload. Not only does the We got site provide privatization to visitors.

You can take your multi-language website up and beyond by accepting cultural nuances in your chosen language.

It may be from hiring local customer support managers, adding local working hours or celebrating local cultural holidays and accepting professional etiquette.

Although you still decide on your multi-language website optimization; To provide the site visitors with the option to know your product in your preferred language is bound to lead greater site visibility, higher sales, and even happy customers.