Why email marketing has failed to churn in desired results?

Numerous marketing methods have come into prominence ever since promotion concepts came into prominence. A business house or brand owners explore various options in order to figure out which method works out for them. To buy bulk SMS online is an area that most companies figure out. But when it comes to email marketing it is more of a hit and miss case. As compared to the best bulk SMS provider in India there are many loopholes in adopting an email method. The major reasons are illustrated below

Slow reach

I guess you might be remembering the race of Rabbit and tortoise. This illustrates that slow and steady wins the race. With online branding, this concept does not work.

The main reason why email could prove to be a stressful activity being slow in reach. In hindsight, customer response also is on the slower side.

No meaningful impact

One more reason why email marketing could make your product promotion reach deep ground it is not impactful. So the desired value is not developed in the minds of people. Why such a situation arises is because Email as a marketing medium is slow in the first place. When a reach is slow, do not expect an impact to be forceful.

No two-way communication is encouraged

When you choose email marketing as a marketing method there are no chances of two-way communication taking place. People rarely attach any importance to promotional emails and feel no specific need in replying to such emails. Now, what is the use of a marketing method which does not work on the confidence in a customer?

Lack of flexibility from a marketing operations scenario

The main reason why email does not work is there is no flexibility from an angle of marketing operations. There is a single way of communication that does not create the desired value in the mind of customers. Because there is no scope of marketing modifications in this marketing method, it is more or less a useless method.

Low conversion

If a delay in a promotion method is witnessed chances of prospect customers contributing to sales would be at a bare minimum. When low conversions are expected the return of investment on this marketing method would be on the lower side.

You can state the fact that email marketing is a tedious job, it does go on to make your marketing process low and availing low rate of interest on the process.

To have a better view of promoting a product, observe the various other methods of promotion. It should not only be less time consuming but develop a favorable impact in the minds of customers. Here the concept of bulk SMS scores over the other marketing methods.  Research states that 95 % of customers respond to a message within a couple of seconds. Especially with mobile phones being part of our lives in a big way this marketing method is expected to rule in the coming days.

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