Why Beni Ourain Rugs are My Favourite Berber Style Rugs?

As a rug enthusiast, I’ve tried rugs of multiple fabrics, styles and regions and after a long test and try process, I came to the conclusion that my favourite ones are Moroccan berber style rugs, specifically Beni Ourain rugs. I came across these rugs for the first time when I was window shopping for some living room carpets online. They immediately caught my eyes and I just had to order a couple to see if they worked as amazing as they looked. And I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

What Are Berber Rugs?

Berber rugs are a kind of handwoven rugs created by North Africa’s berber tribes, hence the name. There are several kinds of berber rugs, the most famous of which are beni ourain and boucherouite rugs. They are usually woven by pile knot or loop weave technique. The rugs are usually simple in design and very soft. The colors depend on the kind of berber style you’re choosing. Beni Ourain rugs are usually neutral colored and suit a minimal decor theme while boucherouite rugs are vibrant and multicolored and suit various decors.

Why Beni Ourain are my favourite?

When it comes to berber style rugs, I love almost each one of them. But beni ourain rugs are just too close to my heart. These rugs fit my taste perfectly. They’re extremely comfortable and gorgeous. These elegant rugs are off white or light cream colored. They go with my interior theme which mainly features contemporary decor with minimal furniture and wooden floor.
They look lavish and yet minimal. Although you need to be careful with liquids that leave stains like coffee or wine around these rugs since the light color makes it difficult to hide such stains if not removed properly, a little care is worth it.

Beni ourain are made of wool and the natural fibres of wool make it soil resistant in the sense that soil or dust doesn’t stick to it and is easy to clean. Beni ourain rugs are also very durable. A little fluff every now and then makes them retain their shape.

The minimal designs on Beni Ourain are symbols of berber tribes expressing their tribal lives and the motifs are usually inspired from the tribal symbols used as goodluck charms against evils. So these classy rugs come with their own stories and cultural significance spreading some positive vibes in your space.

Berber rugs are usually pet friendly unless you have cats. Cats tend to scratch such textures and may end up damaging some berber style rugs. However, beni ourain have a very soft texture and thus the cats would probably not be motivated to scratch them hard enough to cause any damage.

To Sum It Up….

Beni Ourain rugs are as close to being perfect as it gets. These things of beauty are bound to get to your heart with their graceful designs and cuddly texture. If you plan to get some berber rugs for yourself, you can check out this website which offers multiple designs in the softest beni ourain. With a little maintenance, these rugs will last for years like other berber style rugs which are famous for their durability.

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