Where You Can Find Career Opportunities in UAE

There are lot of people that want to start their career in UAE. However, it is hard to get a job that is high paying as well as with most benefits. Most of people don’t aware of fields where they can find best career opportunities. This article explores some tips that will help you to find a best opportunity meeting with your skills and education.

Baking and Finance Sector:

Banking and finance sector has most attractive jobs for those people who have completed their graduation and masters degree in banking and finance. However in past, when financial crises swapped banking sector in 2008 and 2009, it was supposed to be and industry in loss. However, with passage of time and introducing Islamic banking, banking sector is now most growing sector in UAE. If you have completed your BBA or MBA, then you should apply in baking sector.

Fishing and Agriculture:

UAE is known for its own products of fishing and agriculture. UAE government not only facilitates farmers of country with good compensation but also provide training opportunities. If you have completed your degree in agriculture, then UAE can be a best place for you to do job. However, you should have good knowledge of geography of UAE as well as its atmosphere so that if you join fishing and agriculture field, you may not have to face problems.

Construction Industry:

Construction industry is known as largest industry in UAE. We can take idea with a survey that shows there are millions of foreigners that have their own property in UAE. This industry provides wide range of job opportunities. No matter if you are labor, manager, civil engineer, architecture or electrician, you can start your career in construction industry. However, beside of field work, you can also start your own real estate business if you have enough capital to invest in construction industry.

Media Sectors:

We know that there are lot of TV channels that operates from UAE and provide best jobs in UAE. If you have diploma in mass communication or journalism or you have a professional degree in both of these fields, you can have a best career opportunity. If you have good experience in journalism then you will be able to get selected in news paper at a middle level career. If you have experience in TV sector, then you can have best opportunities to get a job as anchor, actor or TV journalist.

Jobs in Government Sector:

Although in government jobs, mostly residential of UAE are considered to be hired but however if foreigners have good skills and education, then there are chances of their selection. Hospitality, Security Forces, Police and Education are top sectors that have best career opportunities. However, government sector jobs are less offered as compared to private sector jobs. Furthermore, government sector jobs ads are often published in local news papers or shown live on media channels. This is why most of people become unaware about government jobs. So if you want to apply for UAE based government jobs, you need to make habit of reading local news papers.

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