What tools are available to convert thumbnails?

There are lots of images available on the Internet. However, seeing their size, you can’t use them as they are. At times, what happens is that you wish to use only a part of that image. These tools can easily be used as YouTube to Facebook thumbnail generator.

Here, we are giving a few lists of freeware tools that you can use to generate thumbnails.

• Shrink Pic: This software is well suited for those users who wish to convert multiple images into thumbnails at the same time. This software adjusts itself in the system tray, and then you upload the images via file dialogue. You can drag and drop the files into the browser, and the software intercepts the image files and converts it into thumbnails as you assign the commands.
• YT2FB: This tool used to come underpaid version earlier, but now you can use most of its features for free. It is used to convert a particular image into the desired thumbnail size. You can choose to upload a maximum of 500 photos at one time to convert them into thumbnails. The tool comes with a direct upload button, image search option. It also offers a custom compression option where you will get preset image resolution options for the thumbnails. The tool also acts as YouTube to the Facebook converter.
• Converseen: its popular open source thumbnail converter software that can be used to set thumbnails in different formats which makes it very useful. There are numerous options to convert thumbnails that make this software popular. You can convert the photos one by one or drag as many as you want. It also offers settings of compression level where you can easily work upon the images.
• Quick Thumbnail Tool: This tool claims to be the fastest option to resize your images and pictures. You can upload the image to the software, select the size you want and hit the resize option. It’s a simple and easy way to get thumbnails. You can easily generate images of different sizes through this software.
• EasyImageSizer: It’s basic software that one can use to convert images to thumbnails. It is a good option if you want to use the basic editing options to resize the thumbnails. Every editing option is arranged in the menu that you can use to carry out those editing functions easily. Its fast software and you can use them easily with any Windows Version.
• Easy Thumbnails: It’s popular and freely available Windows software that you can use to carry out conversions. Here you can create thumbnail images accurately and scaled up/down images from a wide range of different formats. It comes with an elegant interface where you can control and edit the images; adjust their quality, sharpness and business purpose.
These are just some of the various tools which you can find quite easily on the internet and whose utility will help your videos look better on social media sites, thus increasing the likeliness of the videos getting picked up by viewers.

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