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What is Agile Process?

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Agile Model of software development is incremental and iterative process which focuses on delivering the software product in small rapid cycles.

At end of each cycle inputs from developers and customers are incorporated in development of product. Such small cycles are called ‘build’ and output of each build is called a ‘release’.

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Scrum meetings or ‘sprint’ or ‘iterations’ are conducted periodically to review and revise the software after every release. Cross functional teams work on software product to discuss requirements, design, code, testing etc.

Advantages of Agile Process

  • Customer is satisfied as his inputs are taken at end of each release.
  • Interpersonal communication between developers, testers and users is enhanced.
  • With every build working software is released, so end users do not have to wait for long.
  • Software product is adaptable to changing environment, as requirements can be incorporated at each stage of development.
  • Agile software development model allows us to manage the software efficiently.

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Disadvantages of Agile Process

  • In case of large projects, it is difficult to estimate the time and cost estimates at the beginning of software development.
  • No documentation is prepared, so keeping track of changes applied in each release becomes difficult.
  • Only experienced programmers can take part in agile process during developmental stages, new comers are not involved.


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