Want to get through your interview? Stop making these mistakes

29.94% of Americans search for a new job on a daily basis. In fact, 27.8% apply for jobs in various online websites. However, most of them fail to understand that 35% of the good jobs available in the market are via networking. Also hiring managers spend a lot of time going thru the social media accounts of selected candidates during the interview person. The main objective here is to understand what the essential qualities of the person are. Most job seekers fail to get a job and this could be due to various mistakes they are making during the interview process. Below we have just studied a few of these factors.

Get rid of negativity quickly

Your last boss could have been a great bully par excellence. However, when you attend an interview, do not bring the negativity that you have felt. When the interviewer discusses with you the scenario in your last job, he is trying to understand how effective you were and why are you looking for a change. It is essential that you do not discuss your opinion regarding your last boss openly. Here you should be candid and diplomatic. However if you are negative and defensive, you would be rejected immediately.

Follow the dress code for the interview

The first impression that you create goes a long way in your interview. Most recruiters would advise you to wear formal outfits and avoid any bright colors. Remember it is important that you create a professional impression. If this is your first interview after graduation, do some homework and be professionally dressed.

Listen more and speak less

The listening ability of a person is studied during an interview. However most people tend to boast and go over the board. This creates more problems for themselves. The best technique to use is give short crisp answers and do not speak out of the context. If you listen to the interviewer, you would get to know many things and this would help you to excel in the interview.

Undertake through research regarding the company

When you are attending an interview, you have to understand that they are many people who are there to have the same job. What is your winning edge? Most hiring managers feel that job seekers do little research regarding the company, when they attend an interview. Thus they do not have any idea regarding the vision of the company and how are they going to fit in. Today with the presence of internet you can do in-depth analysis of the company, and its current recruitment strategy. If you know who is going to interview you, you can study his Linked In profile too. Thus when you make such extensive efforts, you will get the job.

Inability to ask questions

When the interviewer tries to judge your interest in the job, by asking whether you have any queries, you state that that you do not have any questions. This simple response shows your lack of eagerness regarding the job and the company. When you are asking questions, you should ask accurate ones. For example if you are asked why you should be selected, you should mention that you have the right qualifications and are also open to learn.

How do you create a good impression?

When you are getting interviewed, the interviewer already has his impressions in the first few minutes. It is essential that you show that you are confident and not arrogant. If you make a mistake, you can always candidly mention that you have made a mistake. In fact this would create a good impression that you accept your mistakes and learn from it.

Once the interview is complete do analyze the interview and also write the areas where you can improve. This would help you to achieve success in a major way.

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