Using Chamomile as herbal sleep medications- Reasons explained!

Insomnia or lack of sleep is a problem many face. Despite getting into bed wanting to pass over to slumber land, but not able to, that’s correct it’s a common agony of countless people.For this, people used to rely on prescribed drugs. This resulted in several side effects; hence medical experts started considering other alternatives like herbal sleep medications.

But with so many herbal sleep aids available in the market, deciphering one is reliable and safe for usage is a bit daunting. In such a circumstance, consulting with a sleep expert is the ideal thing to do. Surprisingly, one name which they will suggest 7 times out of 10 is chamomile supplements.

As per experts, chamomile is a herbal sleep remedy which is known to promote peaceful sleep.

Fact: Studies also show that a pinch is all it takes to soothe the body and prepare it for sleep.

Reasons to take up chamomile sleep medicines/pills/supplements

In ancient Rome, Greek and Egypt, this herb was put to usage as sleep medications regularly.And even in today’s time when there are so many over the counter medicines available, many doctors still lay their leap of faith upon this natural herb. Here are some reasons which they give –

– Helps induce sleep

It consists of apigenin content which helps it serve utility as a mild tranquilizer.In words of doctors, apigenin consists of muscle-relaxing effects because of its connection with abenzodiazepine.This aids in promoting anxiolytic and eventually induces solaceful sleep.

– Eliminates stress and anxiety

Once it’sappropriate dosage (around 75mg) enters the body, individuals experience a calming sensation, and all stress and anxiety diminish. With the mind and body at solace conjointly, individuals experience a deeper sleep.

– Promotes sedation

Along with apigenin, Chamomile also contains anxiolytics properties, and that promotes sedation within the body, resulting in heavy drowsiness.

A report done to determine its sedation effects, around 12 patients were given 2 bags of chamomile tea in 6 ounces of water. And out of those 12, 10 of them fell asleep quickly. This proved that this herb works well as a sedation and leads to sleep inducing effects.

More on chamomile as sleep medications through tests:

Some further human testing took place to check the qualities of this herb. Around 270mg of chamomile was given to 34 patients twice a day. The results showed there were moderate improvements in those suffering from-

– Sleep latency

– Night time awakenings

– Body fatigue

– Day time functioning ability

– And chronic primary insomnia.

Other studies also show that drinking its tea is also beneficial for postnatal females.Around 80 women in Taiwan suffering from substandard sleep took its tea as sleep medications for 2 weeks or so. Again results came about as per expectancy, showing that this herb lowered their inability to sleep peacefully for a decent stretch of time.

Furthermore, 61 patients suffering from mild GAD or generalized-anxiety disorder took small dosages of its extracts. Its timeline extended for a span of 8 weeks. The results showcased a significant improvement in anxiety immediately after catering to chamomile sleep medications.

All these studies do bring light to the fact why so many sleep experts recommend taking up sleep aid pills with chamomile extracts or drinking up its herbal tea consistently.

It’ssuggestive dosage:

One can take it either as supplements, herbal tea, essential oil, and skin lotion. Just to straighten it out, high dosage can lead to severe long term complications.

– When taking up chamomile sleep medications as supplements/pills, doctors suggest-75 mg proportions of both apigenin and bisabolol in tablets 90-400gm.

– A herbal drink or tea having a couple of spoons of its flower extract and around 8 ounces of water.

Either you take up pills having its extracts or cater to its herbal drink/tea; one should take it around 25 minutes before hitting your bed. For best results, it is always good to go for herbal pills which contain this extract in its exact dosage. Also, there are other herbs added in the pills that increases the potency of the pill and helps to eradicate insomnia, stress and other problems.

Spread the word of herbal sleep medications and help to sleep well!

Author Bio: Adalbert Thomas is well known content writer. He has a lot of experience and has written many articles on the topic of Sleep Aids and Natural Sleep Aids.


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