Type of Dents That Can Be Removed By PDR

Vehicle damage can be of various types. However, among the different kinds of problems that can occur with your car, dents are some of the most notorious types. Just a single dent can ruin the look of a brand new car. They even surpass scratches in their infamous nature, because these are difficult to repair and require the help of a technician.

One of the best ways to deal with dents is to first identify which kind of dent it is. It may be surprising to some that even dents have different types, but it is true. Below I describe some of the most common types of dents that are there and the best way to deal with each of them.

Vehicle door dings

Car dings are some of the most common types of dents that occur. These dents usually don’t damage the paint and are usually caused by smaller objects or minor collisions with objects. They can mostly be repaired with the help of a dent specialist within minutes.

Round pit dents

These dents are usually caused by round objects such as a cricket ball or a soccer ball. These dents form a simple dimple like contour on the exterior of the surface which may be occur on any part of the door, bumper, roof or even the hood.

Crease dents

Crease Car dent removal Riverside CA can also be cured by dent removal specialists. These dents are usually difficult to treat. They typically bend and tear the car’s metal. The car’s metal has its own shape memory. When crease dents occur, dent specialists have to heat the metal in order to re-shape it according to the given specifications again. When the metal is reheated, it becomes easier to mould back to its original shape. There is also a danger that the metal may get a permanently damaged if the crease dent is too severe in nature.

Paint less dent removal is suitable for situations where the dents are smooth and or are shallow. In this case, the car’s paint is generally intact and paint is untouched in nature. For larger or deeper dents, there is usually no drilling required. This the main advantage of using paint less dent removal techniques. These techniques are a fast and cost effective way to cure your vehicle of dents. Here it is very important to reiterate that DIY repairs to dents may seem a cheaper option to you, but the work of a professional is way better than any DIY tool can provide. If quality is what you are looking for, then minimizing the repair costs is not the best way to take. It’s better to get rid of those dents once and for all, rather using a cheaper option and getting low quality results in the end.



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