Tops Fields to Start Your Career in UAE

If you are looking for a job in United Arab Emirates, then basic things for you is to know about those fields that can provide you best opportunity to start your career. Most people are not aware about top fields that provide excellent opportunity to start their career and they choose a low salary based field. Here we are providing you list of fields where you can find best jobs for you that will not only be high paying jobs but also these will groom your career.

Human Resource Departments:

Studies show that there are lot of thousands of companies that have human resource departments. These departments always need professionals that not only can provide their best services but also they can be helpful in selecting best professionals from market. Often highly skilled and professional HRs are required to do job. However, if you have done your BBA or MBA in human resource and you have a little experience in this field, then you could have best career opportunities waiting for you. However, some companies provide job opportunities for fresh graduates also.

Telecom Sector:

Telecom sector is the second one highest paying sector with attractive salary based jobs. As we know that in UAE, telecom sector is most developed sector. There are lot of cellular companies working in country. However not only cellular companies, there are mobile making companies also that make mobiles and export in other countries. On other side, there are call centers based companies that require computer and networking professionals for their companies. Telecom sector not only pay a good salary but also it provides more benefits like annual increment in salary, annual bonus and leaves.

Manufacturing Industry:

There are lot of products that are produced in UAE. These products are supplied in international markets after these are produced. Mostly building substances, aluminum products, furniture and garments are basic products that are produced in UAE. If you are good fashion designer then you can have best job opportunity in UAE to do your own business or get a job in a fashion house. On other hand, if you are labor or carpenter, you can have opportunities available in building substance manufacturing companies. On other hand, if you have good education base then you can join this industry as being manager, marketing agent or executive and even being architecture.

Water Management, Shipping and Forestry:

As we know that, UAE is located on Persian Gulf that has its own seaport. This is why there shipping and water management industry has grown at best. If you are looking to start your career being a marine or in department of water management, then you can have best career opportunities. On other hand, most land of UAE is based on desert so green belts are being developed in country at large. Mo matter if you are coastal engineer, marine, agriculture adviser or landscape architect, you can apply for jobs that are available in this industry. However if you have good investment, then you can start your import and export business using seaport of UAE.


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