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2 Important Types of Industrial Wastewater Treatment Processes

Industrial wastewater treatment is a technique that remove contaminants and impurities from wastewater to produce clean water for reuse. It is an important process undertaken for the betterment of society and future. Let’s examine some of the major types of wastewater treatment processes that industries apply for recycling the wastage with proper management.

Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP)
Industrial sectors with many leading chemical, pharmaceutical, tannery, and leather companies use this method to remove any toxins and chemicals from water. The core purpose of these plants is environmental protection.

In an ETP plant, the treatment of industrial wastewaters and effluents or sewage discharges is done. In pharmaceutical industry, these plants are employed to remove the effluents from bulk drugs. During the manufacturing of drugs, multiple types of effluents and contaminants are produced. The plants remove high concentrations of grit, dirt, organics, debris, pollution, toxic and non-toxic materials, polymers, etc. from several types of medicated products and drugs.

An ETP plant uses drying and evaporation methods and other techniques such as filtration, centrifuging, and incineration for chemical treatments. These plants helps in reducing the possibility of water pollutions.

Sewage Treatment Plants (STP)
Sewage treatment plants employ the process of removing toxins and contaminants (both effluent and domestic) from household sewage and wastewater. The treatment consist all three physical, chemical, and biological processes to remove same nature of contaminants.

The prime purpose of STP is to create a waste stream and a solid waste or sludge lumps which can be reused back or discharged. These solid wastes are often filled with toxic organic or non-organic materials.

Pre-treatment involves in collecting materials from the fresh raw wastewater before they end up in creating clogs and blockings in pumps and pipes of primary treatment clarifiers. The influent sewage is filtered to remove any large debris from the sewage stream.

Modern plants use large automated raked bar screens to do the job and serves thick populations. While, many small and traditional plants use manually cleaned screens. The raking work of mechanical bar screen typically goes along with the pace of clogs accumulation on the bar screen. The solids are gathered together and later discharged in a landfill or are incinerated. The pre-treatment normally includes grit removal, where the velocity of incoming sand or grit channel is carefully adjusted so that the stones, grit, and sand debris could easily settle and later collected. Industrial waste water treatment NJ

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