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How can extracurricular activities be beneficial for children


It is the era where smart is who knows something about everything as everyplace is multi-cultural, everyone is multi-talented and everything is so diversified, so why education is limited till homework, classes, and syllabus with conventional methods.

Like every parent, you have put your best foot forward to find the right school for your munchkin, so he or she gets the best of both worlds, With this dream in eyes, that he will be a great scholar and knowledgeable. Nonetheless, we are ignoring the fact, your child needs extra care, more attention, mentoring after the school too, where education is being inculcated but unlike schools, should be a positive stress-free learning atmosphere. Schools are vital but similarly afterschool activities too. Little ones in big forums like schools lack attention in the crowd sometimes, take time to express, stay under peer pressure and stressed while learning due to trivial inabilities. And kids either begin to lose interest or focus at homework, fill up the notebooks only, never do anything extraordinary and stay nerd even after being too intelligent. Gifting your child, a course on different activities can shape a fruitful future.

Sending your tiny-humans to afterschool for extracurricular activities can be beneficial. Cedarwood Afterschool offers activity classes in Pune for the preschooler, primary and pre-primary school goers. These activities include a range of extra-curricular activities aligned to school syllabus and also different activities that help students open-up, overcome the fear with our array of books, ideas, training techniques, and learning games. We consider their- age interest before introducing anything new to them through craft, art, creativity, music, worksheets, drawings, and many different platforms.

Every tiny step begins the journey of a beautiful future. Here are what we offer;

Art & Craft: even before we learn to write, we gain pro skills at scribbling without any instruction, we love portraying with pen, pencil, and colors on papers. And a picture can speak a thousand words and so the quality of thoughts, understanding, IQ and utmost creativity also. Our art and craft classes provided with different art stuff to every individual help them play with the mind, bring out creativity with different experiments of colors, papers and much more while learning about surroundings with fun.

Drama & Theatre:  it says that most of the friends are made while sharing the stage or learning new activities. And if it is about drama & theatre, it is not just an added activity but also helps kids make friends, understanding the value of sharing and learning with the team. The drama helps them understand different situations while in acting different characters. Our drama and theatre club module designed for kids help them improve their stage-performance, acting skills, sharpens the presence of mind, creativity, speaking and time-management and leaving them confident like never before.

Storytelling: storytelling is humans’ favorite thing since the birth they like love lullabies, when grown then stories and when gain the ability to talk they form stories to chit chat. This helps us form art in kids with their age stories, making them recite, imbibing the use of voice expressions on stage make them versatile and interested in history and new content creation.

Globe trotter: who does not like to travel, some travel through transportations and some with the mind but the best is if you know Cultures, food delicacies, mannerism and history before making a visit. The globe trotter activity club helps the student know about the different countries, which brings intellect curiosity, desire to travel and make them known with time to the globe in a smarter way. This is done with interesting activities.

Pre- Literacy skills:   Pre-literacy skills like Cedar Spell fun and many other activities help the students prepare for school programs without the stress, as they gulp things before they actually learn in institutes.  

And there are many more activities that you can choose to make them aware about surrounding from the early age like Zumba help them understand their body importance of health and fitness better with a pinch of fun and dance. Also, cedar Scientist juniors and seniors course solve their little obvious questions towards nature and give them a strong understanding about basic scientific logic which is always instrumental in gulping the high schools’ scientific logic with ease, later.

The entire activities offered will not only make them good at that individual skills but every single learning will bring many other potentials in them. And those are :

Sharing abilities

Interpersonal & organization skills

Problem-solving skills

Global knowledge

Social skills

Communication skills


An increased presence of mind

Time management

Positive attitude

Better Non-verbal language

These bunch of qualities can be imbibed without increasing the study stress with Cedarwood activity classes in Pune.

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How a Career Guide can Amplify Career Options and Reduce Stress

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With millions and zillions of information available on the internet about various courses, different colleges, and better subject options, we decide to search for every bit for that one eventual career choice that we make. But despite the plethora of information available on the web, we stay with unsorted questions, more perplexed for the career options. And this happens many times, even after having a pre-decided career choice that we always dreamt to pursue in the future. And the internet also is not of much help then. Sometimes due to change of interest in studies and subject-streams ends up creating dilemmas. The fear of taking wrong courses let us many times continue with wrong choices of subjects and courses only, due to family pressure or stereotypes.

Because of long and stringent procedures, we keep on investing time to understand each course, college and career choices you find on the internet, which are sometimes related and unrelated to your stream also. That becomes too much to handle through the web. We cannot visit or reach through telephones or other means of communication to each elected institute, college, and university to know the detail. Moreover, you need to know more than just about course options, like about the curriculum, faculty of departments, infrastructures, the medium of teaching and many other challenges.
Out of need, here you need to be assisted by a right career counselor who can be a complete career guide for you. IDC is a career-shaping counseling platform who can provide career solutions at the beginning of your career questions.

This venture took place in the space of career counseling, after witnessing the issues that thousands of students suffer every year. And got many cases who were not stressed just at the beginning of the field selection but after completing the degrees of their choices too they were stressed. And later they look for a career change. This brought the need of IDC as a career guide who provides unbiased solutions
It is not a cakewalk and moreover time-consuming process to search for everything on the internet, we require human intervention to explore more to understand psychologically. Often we think, choosing medical means only doctor, non-med means engineer and so commerce is for business and CA, CS’s and Arts for specific art forms. But contrarily every single stream does not come with a single choice in the field but even with multiple choices. IDC will boost the career options for you while understanding student psychology and interests that captivate them.

We provide the options based on your aptitude, interest, personal counseling, and psychometric test. For any career counselor, it is important to guide students thoroughly after knowing the students well.

If you are just done with 9th or 10th standard and confused about stream selection for 10+2 or just completed with 10+2 but confused about pursuing in the same stream or different career choice, approaching us can be a choice in your favor. We assist a few steps as follows:

Career exploration

First, it helps you to know the range of career options available for you. For every stream you chose, they will drop down the list of options making it bigger and wider to explore the career options you have. And later, filter it to you, based on the shown interest, choices and understanding through the personal counseling, tests, personal interest, capabilities and after spending time on every student. Sometimes we want to pursue medical but we don’t have an interest in becoming a doctor but still, biology is in your mind, or interested in commerce but not extremely good at mathematics and accounts and but want to be a commerce professional with titles like CA. So what lucrative and tangible options you can have, is what IDC do. Like you can be a CS with commerce and researcher with medical.

Know yourself

The psychometric test is a filtering process and a personal guide along with personal interaction with counselors available to consult online and also offline.

Find the right Career fit

After the career exploration, it is time to find what seems best for you not because you are flattered by a doctor with the white court, Lawyer with black court and authority you recently met but what fits you by knowing your potentials.

Find the right subjects/stream

Colleges, selection, and applications- this is most stringent and usually very tricky too, but with a vast range of information available and accessible to the education sector, IDC serve you with the options available depending upon your choice, budget, relocation, interest and specific requirements with subtle ways to process your admission and dates to enroll. It all can be worth trying now than considering a change in the mid of the education program.