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The best way to find the relevant topic to engage your audience is to know who your audience is. In other words, put yourself in their shoes and then think of a topic.

#Select a newsworthy topic or something which is in TREND!
Be the first one to cash in on latest trends. Writing on latest trends is a great way to engage your audience and grow your audience at the same time. Write on something that is so good that people want to talk about it. Your audience should feel like telling about it to the world. This would surely increase the engagement on your blog.

#Choose topics that are little edgy to write on
Make people inquisitive about the blog. Let the topic be bold and catch reader’s attention. It’s perfectly fine to write on something which is considered negative or wrong at that point. Sometimes you need to push your limits to get that extra attention. Everyone loves to read some juicy things. Give that taste to your readers. You don’t need to write on something which is not true but you can always give your point of view. Ultimately, it is your blog and only you get to decide what to write and what not. You need to keep in mind that blogs are in abundance, what are you offering that audience should be diverted to you.

Pen-down those topics which are not very general and write them in detail. Investing more time is more fruitful than anything. Remember, one good blog is better than two not-so-good blogs. Keep your headlines crisp as they can make or break the success of your content.

#Forget this ‘log kya kahenge’
You need to remember that your audience is not there for some piece of plain information. They want to know something extra. If you want to write that controversial statement, go for it. Don’t think what ‘log kya kahenge’. That is your space and you own it. People know Arnab Goswami because he crossed that bridge of what people will say. He literally owned his show. You should know everyone looks for quality content and once they get what they are looking for they tend to stick to it.

Any topic you may choose but it would thrive on the ripples it would create. This could be through any medium. So make sure that your topic and its content should leave an audience with a thought to ponder even after they have finished reading it. They should keep it in their short-term memory. Ultimately the more people talk about it the more audience you will have on your blog.

#Experiment with the way you write

There are lot more to publish than just a straight blog post. Sometimes a topic would be interesting but its writing style would kill it. Options are what everyone looks for, try to give the same to your readers. The other styles can be:



Interview style

Story Telling

When adopting different styles, you increase your chances of tapping a different set of audience which you could’ve missed out because of the same style.

The Major Problems And Their Solutions in SEO Services in Australia

If you want to know the major problems and their solutions in SEO services in Australia, read this article.

Presently, outsourcing tasks to a professional SEO company in Australia is the best practice for climbing to the top of search results. But SEO providing firms as well as their customers face certain problems. This article brings you the problems likely faced by the providers and their clients who use their services.

Accountability for outcomes

This is the foremost SEO problem. Firms don’t assume accountability for outcomes. Clients then have to rely on them at their own risk. They always say they have their best team on your project but, reveal the strategy they are utilising to optimise your site. So, the big question remains why any client should pay if they aren’t cooperating in the work they are doing for the client. SEO is a task of spreading information but the secrecy concerning their strategy makes their SEO services risky. So, how should a provider minimise this client risk and offer the services they are after?

Solution: Provide risk cover

One among the best ways of solving this mentioned issue is providing clients with risk cover-based services or packages. This helps them not just financially but it also offers the opportunity of attracting clients. An SEO firm can create a contract in which they could mention that should the client not get expected results, then a specified percentage of the full cost is refunded by the company that’s offering economical SEO services. Even though just a few firms will agree to such an agreement as it will be some kind of extra burden on them, sharing the risk offers the assurance that the firm fully believes in its methodologies.

Black hat SEO

This is a popular but rather illicit SEO method that offers fast outcomes within a short time. This is also among the foremost problems faced by SEO companies. That all SEO firms engage in this method is a big misconception. Firstly, let it be clear that this isn’t an optimisation strategy but a search engine manipulation technique instead. Everybody wants to be number one in search results at all costs and that’s why spammers and black hat SEO will always have an open market, until SEO firms understand the difference between the two terms as well as what’s good and what’s bad for an online business.

The first thing to know is that SEO is no magic that offers outcomes in a single day. Rather, it is a continuous process. The second thing is that SEO firms must explore the actual effects of ethical SEO practices. In addition, it’s recommended that you shouldn’t trust any service providers just by looking at their own ranking.

It will truly be beneficial for both the customer and the SEO firm if all search engines supported one another, but they currently aren’t friendly with one another. This is the main reason why you will see an SEO company Australia engaging in black hat practices. Search engines support ethical practices and they degrade black hat practices. This is the main reason why Google updates are offered on a consistent basis. Google and other engines don’t reveal algorithms but they offer guidelines to be followed. Read More

Learn WordPress with Divi theme & Divi builder

WordPress: WordPress is a content management system that’s helpful for blogging. It was first launched 05 November 2005. In the current generation, it’s the most popular content management system. A person who has 0% coding knowledge, can build blogging into WordPress. WordPress has a lot of beautiful features and functionality. It also has many free themes & plugins. WordPress plugins help you to make your website more user-friendly. For On-page SEO it has a fantastic plugin called Yoast. It will help you to do your on-page optimization easily. In the web, 20% website is using WordPress. In 2030 it will be 70% that hoping WordPress.

WordPress Free Themes

: If you go to and look at themes. There should be available many themes that you can use to build your website. You can also search with your keyword and chose what item you need. Before installing free idea, you should know, free themes have only limited fetuses. Most recommended using premium themes like Divi. It will give you many features that you can’t imagine.

WordPress Free Plugins

: In WordPress plugins are part like as a software. By using WP plugins, you can add some extra features into your WordPress website. In WordPress, you can find many plugins, and you can use them. For example, if you need a contact form so you can use contact form 7 to build your contact form. You can also find some social sharing plugins that will help you to boost SEO.

Divi Theme Expert

Divi theme with Divi builder

: Divi theme is one of the most popular WordPress themes that will help you to build a website quickly. Divi theme has a builder called Divi builder; You can make your site by drag and drop. It also has a lot of modules and functionality that is helpful. You can build your website yourself. Most people like it and the current ranking of this themes #2.
If would like you can build a blog website, Travel website, B2B website, Real Estate Website, News website, Medical website, etc. You don’t need to learn any codding, and the builder gives all functionality. It’s 100% responsive and super fast.

Say to goodbye others CMS and Themes<

: If you got all of those features in WordPress why you will not say to goodbye? It’s modern generation so, avoid old cms and come into WordPress build website and sell or build your online business quickly. If you don't’ know about WordPress and Divi theme, you can Visit Divi Theme Expert and let him know you need to assist.

Some Effective Ways To Enhance The Network Security

Every organization is now integrated with network security to determine the safety of Data and Information that is being changed and modified every day. Such constant operation requires a strong network system, and that can only be achieved by hiring a skillful information security consultant. So, if your business activities are run through a processed network system, make sure that you have a robust network system from a reliable information security consultant. In the current scenario where cybercrime has been continuously increasing, businesses need to keep improving their network security to prevent such kind of mishaps.

Although you might have a team of skillful IT experts, it is essential that you know some of the enhancement tips that can improve the security system. Now, businesses operate their tasks and operations online, so having a prolonged and improved IT network system becomes the necessity. However, if you are looking for some of the tips to keep it organized and robust then below are some effective tips that will help you to strengthen the network security system:

Create a security policy

If you want to protect your information, it is essential that the network security is being integrated with the daily tasks of your employees. A further vigilance of each employees task needs to be reported timely, for that you will need to keep update the information security system with developed programmes to make it stronger.

Develop a strong password

The network security should be managed in such a way that cannot be accessible for wrong invaders. Thus, A secured network can be determined by establishing a strong password, and that needs to be changed timely. It will maintain a comprehensive safety level. Also, make sure the password is complex that can be difficult to guess by hackers.

Keep your network upgraded

In today’s scenario where hackers are always eyeing to access the important data and information, you need to keep your network system updated with the latest technology. Also, continue monitoring the security system to detect any error and rectify it as soon as possible. You can apply the right security software to enhance the security of your business’s network system.

Keep a backup

If you want your security system does not collapse in just a moment, make sure you are keeping an appropriate and sturdy backup that will help you to get your lost data immediately. All the tasks and operations are managed using automation technology; still minor errors can occur. For that, you need to have a processed backup to get the data.

To Sum It Up

So, these were some effective tips to enhance your IT network security system that will help you to prevent your data from any wrongful activities from hackers.