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Ideas to decorate your living room with Style

Excited about moving into a new place? Or just got super-bored with the present look of your decor and decided to change. We understand if you are packed with stress and wistfulness even with the thought of it. questions like, what if my place feel empty? What if won’t look spacious? Were will everyone sir when they sit? must be haunting you. Of Course, nobody wants a squeezy living room to be crowded with your stuff. You need the right-kind-of furniture to hook up with the decor. To blemming the overall look of your living, furniture should be complimenting each other without making the room appear to be a mess.
Relax, take a deep breath. We are here to sort out this problem for you. You can do the classic boho living room style if you don’t have any particular pick in your mind. We have a list of essentials that are must-haves to be included in your decor:

Moroccan Rug:

Searching for a cool decor with an essence of vintage in it? Well, believe us, there is no better option than leather poufs. These are a timeless furnishing option, which is loaded with features like, coziness, and minimalist look which is sempiternal in terms of style. These Moroccan rugs are now readily available at many stores. You can buy a brown leather pouf to match with your wooden furniture and flooring.

With vintage light to add the charm, the decor would be set-to-impress. You can buy one from here, they have an exquisite range of Moroccan rugs with a wide range of color option. Silver, golden, or brown leather pouf, pick your favorite.

A Cozy-comfy couch:

Now, if you want an elite and sophistication highlighted from your decor. Velvet is undoubtedly your pick then. It’s rich, cozy, and trendy, simply fills all the check-box. You can get a customized one, to choose according to the wall colors. Fashion it with funky pillows for that jazzy look.

A wall piece;

You cannot miss the masterpiece of your room. The one thing which got it’s own spotlight to shine. It could be anything that interests you, or maybe an artistic portrait that you admire or a piece of fabric you love. This is your home and this masterpiece should be all about you. So don’t follow the aesthetics to hang a picture of Buddha. No! Make this one about yourself and be creative!
You can add more things as you like because, at the end of the day, this is your room and create something that represents you. This company has a fantastic range of products which you can be a part of the version of decor you are creating for yourself. They have embellishing lanterns and lamps; from Moorish to Menara, adorn your furnishing with the extensive collection of the bauble. Don’t forget to take brown leather pouf for the most reasonable price available in the market, with top-notch quality guaranteed. Without wasting further time, click here to see the collection and start shopping.

Everyone loves to own a piece of handmade artistry.

Why go for modern pottery and own a pottery craft today!

Pottery is more than just a way of making vessels. Today, pottery stands respected as an art form, as a cultural hobby and is appreciated across the globe. The best part is that it does not specifically belong to any particular country or culture, but to the humankind itself.

As humans, we have found ways to invent necessary inventions that have made life more beautiful, seamless and fulfilling. I can say without a doubt that pottery is one of them! This oldest invention by humans is still in practice and widely popular in today’s global culture too! Everyone loves to own a piece of handmade artistry. Why? Do you ask? Because pottery craft has a more personal element to it. It definitely has something unique about it. Every pottery vessel does.

Modern Pottery Will Tell Our Story!

Modern pottery is serving various niches in different ways, that are welcoming the pottery craft unlike every before. Various pottery craft creators in San Diego and many more places around the world are offering premium pottery that is slow made and authentic.

Today, pottery craft is thriving thanks to the increase in demand for more authentic products and ditching or letting go of buying products that are mass produced. Pottery is the right way to serve the need of adding an artistic touch.

For the love of handmade goods!

If you are someone who adores handmade art or pottery craft, then there are various sites you can go to and buy one. Why not for once try your hand at the craft too! You can easily indulge with beginners workshops as well that provide a direct insight to how to awaken your inner creative. You can check out these workshops conducted by Nicole Novena in San Diego.

Get your hands on modern pottery

If you live in San Diego and are looking for unique and outstanding pottery craft items to decorate your home space or use them in your business, we would love to share a very premium source with you. It is called ClayAndCraft by Nicole Novena!

How Clay and Craft by Nicole Novena reached its popularity is a story to tell. You can definitely check out the whole process, their workshops, their online shop and even their blog section to get a more elaborate idea of how ClayAndCraft works!

How To Save Big On Wedding Catering With PartyTrends

Save Big on your Special Day with Party Trends
We all know the pressure that is put on people, brides in particular to throw the most perfect and beautiful wedding. Of course, you can save yourself the time and hassle by hiring a wedding planner to do all of the dirty work, shall we call it, for you but that is pricey and will likely not be in every bride’s budget.

Bringing Your The Best Options Possible

Whether you decide to splurge on a wedding planner or not it’s important that you
are shopping around for the best prices for the best products possible when planning for your big day. Utilizing lower cost items to help offset the expenses that incur when throwing a wedding is simply common sense, and that is why is here to help! Not only does offer the widest variety of disposable dinnerware but their website is super easy to use and truly has something for everybody!

When You Want It To Look Fancy But On A Budget!

If you want to cut the cost of having an expensive glass or ceramic dinnerware, you can opt for the higher quality china or even just a sturdy plastic material that will look and feel just as nice. By using silver plastic plates for the wedding instead of the expensive glass plates not only are you saving money but also the time that it would take to then wash those plates and restock. Whether you have a caterer responsible for the purchase of the dinnerware or you have decided to take on that job, it is important to save where you can and using silver plastic plates for a wedding is certainly a great place to save!

The silver plastic looks nice and definitely feels more quality than the traditional clear, cheap looking plastic forks and knives that you might see at a birthday party. You can even mix it up and do gold, or just plain black to create the look and feel that you want to have at your wedding. All of these colors and styles will appeal to a wedding setting and will look nice with any other decoration and/or table skirting you might be using. It’s a great way to save a little money without compromising quality.

Looking For Party Supplies? Head To

So go on over to Party trends and take a look at what you could be using for your wedding ceremony that will not only still look great but the price will be great too and you won’t have to worry about breaking the budget over silverware!

Hidden Gems of Caribbean Islands

The feel of the breeze blowing in your face, sand in your feet and sound of waves crashing against the shore is the kind of feeling that can never be aptly explained in words. It is a place of absolute serenity and peace. That’s what Caribbean islands offer you- A solitude. But what was supposed to be a sacred experience has been turned into another tiresome project by attracting tourists and commercializing the place completely. So, here we bring you the most beautiful Caribbean islands that are still hidden from capitalizing hawks:

Carriacou, Grenada

Carriacou possesses the most pristine coral reefs which is why it is also known as the ‘Land of Reefs’. Glistening sands surrounded by windswept trees, that’s Carriacou for you. Perfect for exploring its untainted and unspoiled beauty. This island runs deep with history and culture, and Carriacouians still earn their livelihood by farming, fishing and rearing livestock. This quiet, friendly and relaxed island is indeed a gem of the Caribbean islands. It is one of the few islands which is not yet commercialized by holidaymakers.

Los Roques, Venezuela

One of the most beautiful areas of Venezuela, Los Roques boasts breathtaking views, rugged shorelines, and endless nature trails. Due to its beauty and ecological importance, it was declared a national park in 1972. It is also famous for many watersports like snorkeling, windsurfing, diving, and many others. Los Roques offers a small piece of paradise to you allowing you to relax and unwind in its peaceful waters. It falls under the most beautiful Caribbean islands with its divine beauty. It is said to be discovered by European travelers, and since then it has been showcasing its beauty to the world.

Culebra, Puerto Rico

If you are in search of solitude, Culebra’s is the place you should be. It’s untouched landscape, and crystal clear waters offer human eyes such an extraordinary piece that no entertainment center of modern life can offer. There’s so much to be discovered at Culebra. Culebra admittingly has no luxuries of life, no fancy hotels, and no food-chains. All Culebra has to offer you is absolute paradise. Its sandy beaches show a beautiful blending of colours between the water, the sky, and the sand. It’s a great detox from modern day-to-day life and hassles. Before being named Culebra, it was earlier called “Isla Pasaje” and “Isla de San Idelfonso”.

Bequia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Surrounded by majestic hills and full of yachts, Bequia is on the outskirts of Grenadines and nine miles south of St. Vincent. Bequia’s slow pace of life transcends you to the older era and gives you an experience of a lifetime. What it does best to you is give you the opportunity to laze around, enjoy and get the authentic experience of a friendly close-knitted culture with an international flair. Bequia’s postcard-worthy view is home to rat race dropouts. Its unexplored beauty has often attracted the rich and famous in the past, like Princess Margaret after whom one of its beaches is also named.