The Top Must-Dos For Ensuring A Truly Great Concert In Orange County

As an excellent performing choir, believe it or not, majority of what the members of your concert audience hear and see have nothing to do with how excellent your ensemble sings. Irrespective of how well prepared and talented your ensembles might be, there are certain must-dos that are often overlooked and consequently, end up affecting the experience which members of your audience have. Here are some of them.

Check attire

Have all your members bring in whatever attire they intend wearing for the concert several days beforehand. This is to enable you check them and offer necessary advice. It is a lot better if your choir has set uniforms that members wear.

Make sure you have a working microphone……AND UTILIZE IT!

Every time you need to speak to your audience, you must certainly use that microphone. You should never assume that the audience will hear for you, and you should never ask them whether they can hear you as you yell at them without the microphone. Please, always endeavor to USE YOUR MICROPHONE!

Be sure to inform audience about concert etiquettes and behavior

The most crucial aspect concerning the opening of your concert is explaining to members of the audience when they are allowed to talk, when they are allowed to leave/enter the auditorium, when/if they are allowed to take flash photos, and when and how they allowed response to your ensembles. These are some of the features that make a truly great choir concert. It also helps greatly if you provide a brief outline of the vision and length of your performance.

Prepare when and how to educate your audience

It is critical that you set members of your audience up to have the ability of enjoying your concert. You can list details concerning the piece in a program, but setting up a possibly comical piece, preparing pieces which are musical ‘stretches’ for the ensemble, or diffusing the probable perception of any piece by fully explaining its rationale in the program, are all obvious examples of times when talking or speaking could be of great importance.

Practice bowing and/or acknowledging audience after every song

Should your ensemble execute a cued group bow, or do you bow individually by yourselves? Do you walk right up to the side of the group? How should you all visually acknowledge your instrumentalists, accompanists, and soloists? Develop a regular routine for each of these and teach it to your members.

Practice how each song transitions into the next one

Your members need to picture their alteration in body language, emotion, texture, and the opening cue for every single piece. This is something your team must practice many times before any concert. This will certainly eradicate downtime between pieces for members of your audience, create genuineness to every selection, and ensure that your programming itself is truly fluid.

These are some among many must-dos that ensure that you get to organize the greatest possible choir concert in Orange County. If you can follow them, then you will surely thrill your audience so much that they will keep coming back for any other shows you might have planned for the future.


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