Top 6 Mobile Apps Categories that will Rule in 2018

A mobile app is not simply a tool anymore to connect to your loved ones or edit pictures/videos. In this digital age, there are apps available for doing tasks which one can’t think of these days. Enterprise apps and GPS powered apps are just some of the categories in which you can now easily find apps. And still I pretty much sure that the majority of smartphone users don’t know much about the categories I have mentioned above.

2017 has been an eventful year for mobile apps and the following 6 categories will continue to evolve and amaze us in 2018 and beyond.

1. Hybrid Technologies App

Simply put, hybrid technology apps are comprised of different web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript to name a few. These are like any other famous app that you use. Examples are apps through which you can remain in touch with your loved ones, track your health, get the latest stock quotes, etc. These applications are able to access certain in-built capabilities of your device. Messages, contacts list, gallery, etc.

2. Enterprise Apps

Enterprise apps are simply the apps which organizations use in solving enterprise-related problems. Automated billing systems, content management and collaboration systems are just some of the examples in this concern. This category is one of the hottest in the app developers these days. With companies moving on to cloud computing, the latest trend for any mobile app development company NYC is to create apps for companies and earn a handsome amount.

3. GPS Powered Apps

It is time for the GPS apps to go mainstream now as they are hovering on the horizon for some time now. As the name suggests, it can help you in determining the position of any person or place with pinpoint accuracy. GPS service is in use for vehicle tracking for quite some time now and with the help of GPS apps now, it has become easier for anyone to do the tracking for a number of things. It’s an exciting phase for app developers as lots of innovation is anticipated by the industry experts in this regard.

4. Messaging Apps

Probably the most popular category of apps after picture editing/sharing apps, famous apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat and Viber have made things easy for us for a number of years. There is huge potential for such apps all across the world and they not only offer free messages but also voice calling. A new trend named chatbots is likely to come forward and may take over messaging apps as the new face.

5. Mobile Payment App

Banks do offer cash transfer and other facilities for their customers through mobile apps. Through smartphone now, you can buy virtually anything over the Internet and transfer amount to a person even to a remote corner of the world. Anticipate significant advancements in the apps and growth that can lead this category to tremendous appreciation and use by general users.

6. EGovernance App

Governments all over the globe are launching apps to make sure any person can connect to an official app and get the information he needs, register a complain or just go through the app for reference. While there can be a number of apps for each department and industry, an official app from the federal government is the need of the hour.

I hope that this blog will educate you regarding a number of different apps and related categories. Please try to give your valuable feedback in the comments section below.


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