Tips For Writing Cool Essay

Essay writing is a very common activity in which all of us have been engaged in our student life. If you are still a student, you must know how important essay writing is. However, many students face difficulties in writing an appreciable essay

Are you one of them?

If yes, then don’t worry here we are to teach you writing cool essay. Please go through the following suggestions:

Read essays on different topics

Writing a good essay requires lot of knowledge over the topic and at the same time, you must know the tricks of writing the essay instantly. You may learn these, if you read the essays on different topics. As much as you read different essay, you can learn the writing pattern of different writers. You will find it easier to select which pattern is the best for you or you may develop your own style. At the same time, you can understand the flow of writing, as in how information has been provided throughout the essay. Moreover, you can learn the use of different words to express similar meaning. Hence, by reading various types of essay, your knowledge about essay writing will be improved.

Improve your vocabulary

Strong vocabulary is important for writing a good essay. You can strengthen your vocabulary by reading different books and articles. Reading dictionary is also a good habit that may help you to improve your vocabulary. If your vocabulary is strong, you can write catchy essays. At the same time, you can express your knowledge properly if your vocabulary is strong enough. However, strong vocabulary needs continuous practice. You can read online dictionary. To make your vocabulary stronger, you can write down the words and read those words regularly. This will help you to get accustomed with the words.

Include arguments

Good quality essay requires inclusion of arguments. Without any argument, an essay becomes very boring. Several arguments not only make the essay interesting and cool, but the arguments also help to make the essay informative. Arguments make the essay logical and reduce the chances of repetition.  You may include the arguments by using the words like, “furthermore”, “on the contrary”, “moreover”, “however” and the like.

Gather knowledge and information

You can write cool essay if you have sufficient knowledge over the topic or subject on which the essay is to be written. Sufficient knowledge helps to make the essay informative. However, it is not possible that you are expert in every subject or you have knowledge regarding every topic. In that case, you must gather enough information to enhance your knowledge. After getting the topic of the essay, you can search for the information related to that topic. You may take help of the online sources because nowadays, online sources are the most common and useful sources that can provide you enough information. So, before starting the essay, gather the knowledge first.

Regular practice

If you want to write a cool essay, you can do that through regular practice. Write an essay daily and take help from your teacher to find out the mistakes. Regular practice and regular checking will help you in finding out your weak points in essay writing. Take help from your teacher to improve the weak points but do not stop writing. You may feel bored at the initial stage, but gradually, you will notice changes in your writing. After some time, you will see that you can identify the mistakes by yourself, which will help you more. However, you must not stop your practice.

Writing Style

The writing in the essay must not be rude. You must be polite while writing the essay or while presenting the arguments in the essay. The essay must not provide any scope for contradiction. You must not hit the emotions of the readers. There must not be any biasness in the essay. On the other hand, if your approach is polite, then the readers will find the essay interesting. However, the writing in the essay must be logical. There must be strong evidence that will support your arguments. It will be better if you provide the real examples that are related to the topic of your essay.

Use of Active Voice

To write a cool essay, you must use active voice. Use of active voice in the essay makes the writing more attractive because it helps to address the reader directly. The reader feels more involved while reading the essay. On the other hand, if you use passive voice, then you must address the reader indirectly, which may not grow interest in readers and involvement of the readers decreases. So, to make the essay more interesting and to involve the readers more in to the essay, using active voice is essential.

Be creative

You must be creative if you want to develop a cool essay. A creative and cool essay must not include a lot of ‘story-telling’. Creative essay must clearly state the objective of the essay. It must be factual and balanced. Reading your essay, the readers must feel that they are getting some new information. Present your writing in such a way that makes your essay unique. You may include any controversial statement, but you must not be biased on any controversy. You must provide your opinion but that must not create any new controversy.

Avoid repetition and copying

Good essays do not repeat any information repeatedly. Repetition creates a bad impression in the minds of the readers. At the same time, you must not copy any information from any other sources because copying any information indicates lack of creativity in the writing.

So, what are you thinking now? Will you be a cool essay writer?

Follow our tips and start practicing essay writing from today.


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