Tips to Help You in Searching UAE Job Online

When we talk about job opportunities in UAE, we know that local citizens are more preferred than foreign. However some times, there are some jobs where foreigners are preferred over locals because they have English language speaking skills plus they may have more education and skills than local citizens of UAE. However, there are some things that you should keep in your mind if you want to get job in UAE successfully. This article will explore these tips that are under here;

Government Emiratization Program:

Before some years, there were more ration of foreigners in different departments. However due to increasing ratio of foreign employment, Government had decided to normalize ratio of foreign employment. Now government is preferring locals Emiratis to raise their ratio to 88.5%. So if you are an Emirati, then you can get a job on bases of this program. However if you are a foreigner and you want to have preference over and Emirati, then you will need to learn local language of United Arab Emirates. This will be a plus point in your CV because you will be able to interaction with locals as well as foreigners in best way.

Learn More Foreign Language:

If you are an Emirati, learning English language will increase your chance to get a job. However if you are a foreigner then you will need to learn Arabic language. However, if you have more languages speaking skills, then you will have more chances to get a job there. This is because Government departments as well as private companies always need those persons that can speak foreign languages. For example, in hospitals and Police, you will be preferred due to English language as they have to face lot of foreigners. On other hand, private companies seek foreign language experts to interact with their foreign clients and visitors.

Always Make a Perfect CV:

A CV plays a vital role in your job selection wherever you apply. Mostly people don’t care about making a good CV and they go for interview or send their CVs that are either too much simple or too much stylish. Your CV should be formal. Because most of employers don’t like simple CVs as well as stylish. A formal CV with your personal information, educational background, your aims about career, employment history and some references are enough. However if you add a cover letter along with your CV, it will be a positive impact to get a job there.

Apply Wherever You Can:

When you have made your CV and prepared to apply for a job, you should start applying through proper channels. There are lot of career service providers portal like that provide best career opportunities in UAE, Gulf and Arabian countries. Not only this, you can see career openings by reading local news papers where all companies and departments publish their ads for vacancy opening. Remember to include a cover letter for each job according to that department or company. Never attach a same cover letter for all job openings. SOURCE :


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