Tips for writing an epitaph on a headstone

Headstone wording is important to most people around the world. It helps us to honour and remember the dead. It also helps those people who never met the deceased to at least know something about him/her. When writing epitaphs, there are a few things we need to consider.

The language
First of all, the language matters a lot. Epitaphs must be written in a language that most people who knew the deceased must understand. It should be the language of the departed person.

The style
No matter the wording, the style of the epitaph should be readable. Write in a font that everyone can read easily without straining. Make sure that the font size is not too small or too large. A font size that is too small won’t be readable and a font size that is too large won’t allow you to write much. Ensure that people can read the gravestone wordings from a distance.

Make it last
There is no need to write an epitaph that will fade away within a year. Epitaphs are meant to last as far as the grave is in existence. Don’t use paints because paints will fade with time. Some people use paint and repaint it every year. This can be a lot of work. The best way to write an epitaph is to carve it into the stone. This will make it last long as far as the stone exists.

The position of the epitaph on the headstone
Lastly, headstone wording should be well positioned on the stone. You need to write the words at the front of the headstone where everyone can view it standing in front of the headstone and not behind. The words should be either at the top centre of the stone or at the middle centre where they can be read easily.


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