An assignment is a task given by a person, and it has to complete by one, who is assigned with this. Many kinds of assignments exist with specific requirements. Essays, reports, proposals, articles, case studies are some general kind of academic assignments. To complete any task in minimum time, here are some tips for helping out you.


To write a successful assignment proper planning must be done. Planned work always leads to the success contrary to unplanned work. Planning is the first step of writing an assignment. Before start an assignment, one should plan all the things.

  • Select the topic- if it is an open task selection of topic would be the first step of assignment planning.
  • Manage time- time management is most important thing to complete the assignment. Identify how many hours you can give daily; it helps you to meet the deadline.
  • Choose place- disturbance creates hurdles and diverts the attention so the selection of peaceful place is essential for completing the task.


Think what things are relating to your topic, what questions are arising in your mind, whatever comes in your mind, write it on paper in bullet form, this is your structure now you just have to expand it.


To complete an assignment you should have more than enough knowledge related to your topic and if you don’t have, initially gather the information. You may use different sources to search the data like through your course material, college library, through the internet, observation of your surroundings may also be helpful collect the facts, go through your past experiences, converse with your experts, this all stuff assist you to write a perfect assignment.


At this stage, you also have your structure as well as gathered information; now this is the time to write your first draft,

  • Look at your outline paper; fill the gaps between the lines with facts and figures which you have searched.
  • Organize them in a right way and convert it into the paragraph with a free hand and stop being concerned regarding minor mistakes for the reason that it is your first draft.
  • The introduction should be the most attractive part of the assignment so it is better to leave it for the last when the overall task would be almost done then write introduction paragraph. (It depends on condition)



After completion of the first draft, evaluate that all facts and figures which have done is understandable or have a confusing nature, is it making sense or not? If not then arrange them in order and make it sensible.


Now it is the time of correction, the best way of proof reading is to read your draft aloud if there is any mistake it would be recognized rapidly. Make sure if it is grammatical right or not? Ensure all the punctuation is placed or not? Is it looking presentable or not?

To avoid any misconception, better to ask your family or friends to proof read it.


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