Time Saving Duvet Cover Tips for Mummies!

Home cleaning is definitely easier said than done. When you have a million tasks at hand, from getting the kids ready for school, prepare meals, attend charity events, make sure the house is spic and span and find some me-time to maintain your sanity – bad hair days are just another story – even one house cleaning and organizing tip works like a savior.

I love duvet covers, they uplift the look of the room in an instant – it’s smart way to give your bedroom a quick makeover. However, this amazing thing can be pretty annoying too. The trouble pops in when you when you want to keep it from detaching from the comforter. It’s a nuisance when after every little while the entire blob of comforter collects on one side of the cover. Oh the agony!

It can be pretty frustrating, especially if you have little ones at home to look after, and so much else to do as well –ALL BY YOURSELF. Here are some tips that can help changing the duvet cover as easy as a pie!

1. Knot-up the corners

This is a super easy trick that makes life easy. Take a ribbon long enough that you can tie a strong knot with it. Cut out eight strings/straps of ribbon/cloth to tie up the knots. Turn the duvet cover inside out. Sew up or attach each ribbon on each corner of the duvet cover and on each corner of the comforter.

2. Put on the cover

Put the comforter flat on the bed and then put the cover on top. Tie up each corner of the comforter with the duvet cover using the ribbons. Roll up the comforter with the cover on top and spread it out. Voila! You’ve got your cover on the comforter without a problem.

In just two steps and you’ve got the easiest way to put on the covers. The biggest advantage? The comforter doesn’t collect on side of the cover that can be a big nuisance for not just mommies but everyone. While it these easy tips may sound a little complex, but once you get at it, you’ll be able to connect the dots and know how easy and convenient they are.

If you’ve got little ones, you probably would need to change the covers more often to wash and clean. Putting the cover ON and OFF is no big deal when you follow these steps. When you want to remove the cover, just start from the opening of the cover and untie- roll up and uncover it.

Washing and Cleaning the Duvet & Covers

Washing and cleaning the quilt and its cover can be quite a tedious task if not done the smart way. For starters, make sure to read the instructions on the label. Is it machine washable? If, then it’s best to set it in the washing machine (don’t stuff it into the machine). If it’s too big, don’t force it into the washing machine but take it to the laundromat or give it to the dry cleaners.

Cleaning and washing is not a problem, just requires a little patience – because if you don’t have a drying system at home, or don’t get enough sun in your home, you can expect the cover to take over 24 hours to dry. Good luck!


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