Thinking of melatonin as your sleep remedy? Some must-know facts for YOU!

Scientists and researchers decipher melatonin as a primary choice to aid insomnia. It is regarded as a safe and effective mode which naturally regulates the biological clock which governs human’s sleeping and waking activities.

In scientific terms, this clock goes by the recognition of circadian rhythm cycle. This cycle maintains the ordern which brain triggers the body and prepares to sleep properly. Get some more idea regarding the same.

Explaining this circadian rhythm cycle further-

Experts drew out an interesting observation that human sleep psychology has a direct link with exposure to light and dark. Explaining this in simpler terms, when light of the day exposes, this clock starts its operation which includes

– Rising temperatures of the body

– And releasing simulative hormones such as cortisol

This exposure to light causes a pathway right from the retina to the brain cells and it is known as hypothalamus.

This has a special kind of signal which is known as suprachiasmatic nucleus also known as SCN. And that is what sends out signals to portions of the brain controlling the hormones, temperature and other aspects which make humans sleepy.

Also, the SCN delays the releases of this sleep inducing hormone until several hours later when darkness strikes. And that is what causes drowsiness.

Experts take on melatonin as a sleep aid:

Numerous scientific researches prove that this hormone helps reduce the time it takes one to fall asleep- many who refer to sleep latency. This is one hormone which has regularly served utility for enhancing sleep and reducing jet lags.

This is a common ingredient which is put to use for making numerous sleep inducing medicines, pills and also supplements. However, it is also available in many other forms where users can simply place it beneath the tongue. Doing so allows this hormone to get inside the body and regulate sleep directly.

An interesting statistic points out that in 2014, around 34 million consumers in US, spent $370+ million after knowing about its popularity. Another survey, this time of 2013 brings about, people who used melatonin either as a food item or herbal pill fell asleep 7 minutes quicker in comparison to those who didn’t consume it. Furthermore, their duration of sleep was seen to be 8 minutes longer to their counterparts.

Some of its common usages-

Considered as one of the most common sleep aids it-

· Helps people who have issues sleeping- either temporary or permanent insomnia

· Aids in curing ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder- insomnia related disorder

· Treating Beta Blockers which is also a kind of insomnia resulting due consumption of high-blood pressure medications

· And RBD- rapid behavior disorder- a common sleep behavior complication

Along with these, melatonin also assists in-

– Eradicating sleeping disorders in children along with autism which is a regular developmental issue

– Cure cerebral palsy

– Helps eliminate DSPS which means Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

Furthermore, those who discontinue the use of benzodiazepine drugs will also benefit in consumption of this hormone.

Some experts state people face difficulties in sleep because of a reduction of melatonin production. Catering to external sources such as olives, rice, tomato, barley, and walnuts, or natural supplements can help put that sleep-wake cycle back on track.

These hormonal additions from external sources help mimic the natural procedure inside the brain. And that in turn can help bring back the necessary sleep which one looks for.

How much melatonin to take?

Consumption dose differs from individual to individual. But the mistake which most makes is thinking that a higher dosage leads to better and more peaceful slumber!

This notion is absolutely wrong. On the contrary, it is the opposite which leads to proper night sleep. Over consumptionleads to occurrences of headaches, dizziness, nausea, and irritability!

Average dose that one should take is 4 mg. This is appropriate to trigger the brain cell and detect darkness. This sends a signal to the brain and people start feeling sleepy in no time. The best part is, one doesn’t have to get prescription for this or worry about overdosing.

These herbal pills with melatonin will help to improve the condition of lacking sleep and have a better routine. As a result, they can walk towards a healthier life.

Author Bio: Adalbert Thomas is well known content writer. He has a lot of experience and has written many articles on the topic of Natural Sleep Aids and Sleep Aids .


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