Things to Consider While Doing Research for Dissertation

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Primary Research

Start the data collection and analysis as soon as possible because you won’t find many people free to answer your question or complete the surveys. This can take more time than you have anticipated. Special equipment for conducting experiments and completion of experiments can take time. Conduct discussion.

Put major emphasis on the data collection methods that you are going to use when you are doing primary research. Also consider the frequency and sample size. Keep everything organized so you can refer back to it when you need to. Predict the issues that you can face while doing primary research.

Secondary Research

Take a slow and steady start when it comes to secondary research. Expand your research and identify sub topics or sub questions that are extracted from the main topic or question. Keep reading and analyzing the data you collect. Ask the librarian to assist you in finding material on the dissertation topic.

Read materials that are relevant and directly jump to the chapters that are related to your dissertation. Try to develop your research skills. You must be able to back up everything that you say. Choose a research method that suits you and your topic. Keep the supervisor engaged throughout the process. Note down the key points when you are reading the thesis.

Literature Review

Take a look at different sources already published on the topic. Analyze the literature critically and discuss the pros and cons of the literature you have reviewed. Highlight the aspects where they could have done better. What are topics that are not explored? Look at the approaches and research methods followed by the authors.


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