The versatility of bedside tables around the home

A bedside table shouts for an obvious entry in every bedroom because it is an ideal match for the big sleeping beauty. A bedside table serves you and your partner very well by a being storage solution for a plethora of odds and ends. You can pile up a lot of stuff and have them in your hand’s reach. While the name and purpose of the bedside tables are supposed to be confined to the bedroom only, there are a lot of other areas in the house where the furniture unit can shine like a star.

Listed next are the areas where you can incorporate a bedside table and make its best use.
1. In the living room: Combine two bedside tables of the same style and arrange them in the living room at one of the dreary corners. You’ll get a nice shelving architecture where you can organise your literature, install a flower pot or other knick-knacks like photo frames. They will serve you utmost functionality and appear different in the room.

2. At the entrance: A bedside table can also be placed near to the shoe rack at the entrance with a bowl to drop keys on the top. A nice design of the bedside table with drawers will grab the eyeballs of the guests as soon as they enter the home. Besides, the key bowl will help you to assemble all the keys over there, so you don’t have to search for the required ones in different corners of the house.

3. Near the electric sockets: Looking for a surface to put the cell phone while charging is always irritating. Place the bedside table near the switch board, and you’re all sorted to charge your electricals at one place. You can keep the chargers inside the drawers when you don’t want to use them. This could be an instant charging station.

4. Small stand in the kitchen: Kitchen is that one area in the house where the free space is always sparse. The cooking slab is messed up with pepper jars, crockery, bottles, cups, mugs and miscellanea. Have the bedside table in one of the free corners and save some space from the slab. You can put machines like the coffee maker or the toaster on the table and put the knives, spoons and other tiny units in the drawers. Your cooking ground will then look neat, clean and uncluttered.

5. A plant stand: Another multi-faceted trait of a bedside table can be seen in the balcony. Add bloom jars to the table top and nurture the flowers there. This will save the herbs from seasonal change, and you can place the potting tools near the plants.

6. Cut the legs and make an ottoman: Either scoot two tables together or stick to one, cutting the legs and adding a soft cushion will make the bedside table look like an ottoman. If you cut off the legs completely and if there are drawers attached to the table, you can use this unit to make a big jewellery case and store all your gems here safely.

7. Make a pet case beneath the table: Homeowners having pets always look for a nice and cheap pet house for their furry friends. If your bedside table is wide enough and has a deep free space beneath, it’s a great place for your pet to stay. Either put the table in the bedroom or the dining, once your loyal buddy gets used to it, they will reside there.

Conclusion: Bedside tables are worthy furniture pieces in entire areas around the home. They flaunt beauty and serve practicality much in the same way as they do in the bedroom. Start making the most of their use in every suitable place and give your essentials a suitable home. Buy wooden bedside tables online via Wooden Street at budget-amicable prices.

Summary: This article states some alternative ways to use bedside tables in different areas of the home other than the bedroom. It is something more than having a place to put magazines or a glass of water. Think of all the different and creative uses of bedside tables and reuse them in new ways.


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