The purpose of Hatch railings in fall protection of workers

Roof hatches provide easy ingress and egress for workers who have to perform necessary maintenance and repair work on the roof of the factories and warehouses. There is certain electrical equipment installed on the roof such as HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit) and solar panels along with electrical wires and cables which need constant repairs and upgrades. The roof hatches provide convenient access to workers and can be easily fitted on the rooftops.

Roofs are ideally not an ideal place to be especially for the workers who have to be very careful and avoid getting injured. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is quite stringent in matters of safety and has devised certain guidelines which must be followed by every factory, warehouse, and workers employed there. OSHA states that a roof hatch without hatch railings is like a hole in the roof and must be covered.

The hatch railings are designed specifically to meet the safety criteria proposed by OSHA. The hatch railings are constructed from galvanized steel and the fittings are made of aluminum which is both sturdy and long-lasting. The hatch railings come in pre-assembled parts which can quickly and easily be put together and installed around the roof hatch.

The hatch railings are non-penetrating and do not damage the roof surfaces. The railings provide support and stability to the workers. The railings act as a barrier and prevent the workers from falling over. There is also an additional feature of a self-closing gate which further protects the worker. The advantages of hatch railings are

• OSHA certified for safety
• Cost-effective, durable and easy to maintain
• Able to withstand increased pressure
• Can be painted as desired
• Made of high strength galvanized steel and aluminum
• Does not have sharp and pointed edges


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