The effect of social media on our relationships

In this modern era, when everything is at our finger tips, ninety percent of the population is using social media. Some famous social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on. Whether we talk about a school going kid or a CEO of any multinational company, every other person is now active on these platforms. The intense use of social media has a high impact on relationship between families, relationships with clients and customers, relationships between students and teacher, and so on. If we see deeply, there are both positive and negative impacts of social media on our relationships. In this article, we will discuss these impacts in detail.

Increase in social interactions

Gone are the days when we use to have just few friends. Now, it is simple to connect even with your childhood friends via these social media platforms. Same is the case with our relatives. We can easily connect with our close as well other relatives within minutes. In this busy life where everyone is doing a nine to five job, people find it difficult to visit their relatives, but social media has resolved this problem. Now, we can easily share pictures and see others pictures, videos, and posts. This has enabled us to say in connection with our relatives, friends, coworkers, and so on. Not only is this, but we also get to know about their lifestyle. Increasing our social circle is no more a problem with social media. There are so many groups on Facebook for moms, teachers, business persons, and so on. These groups contribute I maintaining healthy social relations.

Easy to stalk

With the help of social media, we can easily find information about others. If there is a new family in our neighbor and we are in doubt to visit the, social media can resolve this issue. We can search for their profile and get an idea if they are reliable people or not. Thus, social media is helping in building strong and trustable relations. In the same way, employers have the ease to get information about potential employees before hiring them. LinkedIn, which is famous for business profile is highly helpful in this regard.

Global voices

Social media helps us in bringing unity among communities and countries. Hash tags are famous on Facebook and these tags are usually used to make something viral on the social network. These Hash tags are used for awareness campaigns and for making a voice for something. As a result, it helps in uniting people. Twitter is the main social media platform from where politicians, teachers, business persons, and many others are making a global voice for many things. By re-tweeting the tweets and following the loved ones, we give a message of liking their point of views. Arranging campaigns and bringing so many people at one place for a good cause is time taking and tedious but social media resolves this issue within minutes.


On one hand where social media has so many positive impacts on our relations, it has negative impacts too. When we share our pictures and videos, everyone in our friend list can see them. Sometimes, if the privacy settings are not changed, everyone (outside our friend list) can see them. People can misuse our pictures and videos, and this is when our relationships are affected. Although many changes have been made to make the social media platforms more secured, but still there is a problem of privacy with every platform.
Long term relations
Once we have added any friend on our social network, we do not delete that person until they have done something wrong. Thus, social networks actually help in building long term and healthy relations. Same is the case with business relations. Brands use social media in the best possible manner to develop long term relations with the clients. Once a person has followed a page, he will get to know about the posts, videos, and pictures or life. Thus, the connectivity is present even with the former clients.
In short, social media is our life these days. We spent half of our day on social media and everything seems dependent on it. On one hand, social media helps in making strong relations and staying in connection with our family and friends. But, on the other hand, it has some privacy issues that can sometimes create misunderstanding among relations. We should try to use the social media in a positive way as one cannot live without social networks these days.

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