The Controller of the Future

The gaming world was taken by storm with the launch of SONY’s play-station, the forth in the series. The games it offers combined with the life like graphics makes the console one of the most sought after gaming devices of our time. One of the most amazing and clearly the eye catcher of this new gaming console is its controller. The controller that the company has devised, not only is different from its predecessors but is much superior as well. The grip, the functions, the steadiness makes the Play-station 4 controllers the most demanded and highly priced add-ons to the console as well.

The article that follows considers how the controller is different and the measures the company has taken to ensure that they are one step ahead of their competitors. The gaming console is devised in such a way that the players are given the effect of being part of the game itself, with various movements and functions that it embodies.

The newly devised controller offers its user the grip and hold that ensures that the console remains in hand without any trouble or extra effort. The new positions and curving, provides the ability to keep a hold on the controller and that reaching the buttons to execute the correct moves can be done in time. The closely compact buttons offers the ease to the thumb and fingers without having to stretch them unnecessarily.

The options and the simulations go even further than their previous versions with an increased in sensitivity. The new controllers offer the user a chance to experience the impact of the game via mild and heavy vibrations, in accordance with the moves which lets the players know about the movements of the game and at the same time involves them further into the game. The calibration system of the new device has incorporated this innovation that has pulled many gamers to itself and intends on keeping them with the company.

The main and probably the most important aspect of this new product is that it is easily availability to the market. The most important aspect of any gaming console the ample availability of its parts by a third party. Shortage diminishes the intended impact of the game. The company that designs the console has managed to assure that the originals are the only one that can function on the console and are produced at an optimal rate to be available everywhere, and provides the user with experience that reduces their chances of shifting to a rather cheaper and mildly functioning version.

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