The best ways to place home security cameras

Security camera systems are popular in many homes. We already know the importance of security cameras. They keep our property and family safe from burglars and vandals. Did you know the effectiveness of your security camera can be influenced by how and where you place it? It is important to know where to place your camera for effectiveness. Here are some tips for security camera installation for maximum effectiveness.

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Cameras that don’t have a wide dynamic range should be placed at windows and doorways

This is to have a clear picture of the approaching person. They make it easy for you to identify the person if they look directly into the camera.

Provide enough lighting
Some people forget to provide enough light during night time monitoring. If you don’t have cameras with night vision then it is important you provide enough light for your security camera systems. You should be careful not to place the lights too close to the camera because doing so will disrupt the picture. Outdoor cameras should not point directly to the sunlight because this will cause stripes in the image.

Best locations for surveillance cameras

The following spots are recommended for placement of security cameras:

The front door
Around 35 percent of burglars enter via the front door. You need security cameras at the front door at a second-floor level so that the intruder doesn’t knock out the camera.

Around 20 percent of thieves enter using the back door. You need to place cameras at each door and ensure the camera is safe from damage.

Off-street windows
Home security camera systems NZ should be placed to monitor all the rear windows and the camera should be hidden so that the intruder doesn’t damage it. You need cameras to point to off-street windows so that they can capture everyone approaching.


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