Outdoor cubby house

The best tips for getting your kids motivated to play outside in Australia

Though the outdoors can be fun for play, kids sometimes need some form of motivation like an outdoor cubby house to get them to play in the backyard again. This is because they might be too used to the indoors. Outside play is necessary as it’s healthy. They sometimes remain indoors too much due to the winter months and the attendant cold. At other times, they are into the negative habit of playing video games for too long or watching too much TV. Nobody knows why this is so, but it is so. So, you might need a little help in getting them motivated enough to return outside. This is where cubbies come in. Here are some tips that will certainly motivate your kids to return outside and begin playing.

• Plan time for being outside daily. When the kids get into a routine of being outdoors at a particular time every day, they will maintain the excellent habit.

• Allow them to enjoy some forms of unstructured play. Just because you are capable of setting the place and time at which they will play, you don’t necessarily have to tell them the kind of games they should play or what they should pretend to be.

• Whenever your kids wish to engage in more relaxing activities, take out board games to wherever they are playing outside. Enjoying fresh air doesn’t necessarily mean that they should be jumping and running every time.

• When you own truly cool outdoor toys such as an outdoor cubby house in Australia, your kids will always want to remain outside playing –even when the weather happens to be bad. It offers them a lot more than just ‘something they should do’. It becomes their own personal space.

• Utilize all elements that might be obtainable in your backyard to landscape around your beautiful cubby house. You could even involve the kids in fun activities like planting a flower garden or even having a small potted tomato plantation around it.

• Check the moon out. Transform it into some kind of effective learning activity by discussing the moon cycles and asking your kids to produce little drawings of what they feel the moon appears like all through the month. This is so they can actually experience the moon and its cycles themselves.

• Create a collection of bugs, pebbles, or leaves. Display this collection which is theirs in a way that’s fun to enable your kids to identify the objects and arrange or hang them in their cubby. Take time to create other collections like this to add to the current one.

• Plan play dates with their friends after school hours. This is to enable them to to play outdoors for the remainder of the afternoon and eliminate all the extra energy they have caged up from being in their classrooms.

These are the tips for getting your kids sufficiently motivated to come outside and play in their outdoor cubby house. You could also add the use of a camera for capturing animals they see from their cubby. You can always add that to the fun.

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