The best rooms to talk about business are in Auckland

Auckland Rose Park Hotel has the best conference rooms hire for a private meeting or business conferences. The hotel has three different types of room which can be used for different activities according to capacity. The rooms are very luxuries and comfortable. Each room has a particular view where you can enjoy the city from different angles. This is a very famous hotel for both local and international guests. Famous people have stayed in the hotel due to its spectacular facilities.

Another reason people enjoy coming to Rose Park Hotel is that of the restaurant. It provides high-quality service and the most well-known local and international dishes and wines. You should come and enjoy the most delicious food while watching a game after a long working day. As we said before, there are some other conference venues for hire at this amazing hotel. Business people from all over the country or abroad have found at this hotel a special place to do their business, have conference or interviews including rooms to stay. It is an easy place to access, whether you come by bus or by personal cars.

Inside the hotel, you can find three important rooms for business people.
The Board Room is a small room where small conferences, interview, or private meetings can take place. It is located on the third floor. People are able to enjoy the city from up there. The room can accommodate up to 12 people. It is an especial room for the executive session. It has Wi-Fi, air conditioning, a TV, and a telephone for room service.

The Rose Room is a bigger one. It accommodates up to 50 people. This room is perfect for private meetings and conferences. It is also on the third floor of the hotel. It has a balcony where you can enjoy any meal or a cup of coffee with some friends or business guests. The room has its own natural light so this means is ecological. There is no a place like this one in this hotel. Private meetings and conferences can take place in this room.

The Gladstone & Gilbert Room is the largest of the three rooms. It is located on the ground floor. It accommodates up to 160 people. Its great capacity makes it comfortable for those lecturers and audience. Unlike the other rooms, this one is in front of the big pool where people can go and enjoy a sunny day and some fresh air.

No hotel in Auckland can offer you these amazing facilities. You should come and take a look at it on your own. You will be fascinated with the most luxurious rooms and facilities this hotel can offer to people who come to work or just to visit our city. Whenever you have a business conference or just want to have a private family reunion, come to Auckland and enjoy the most beautiful places and be part of an adventure you will never forget. You will not want to leave this spectacular city full of joy and interesting places to visit. Come to Auckland on vacation but in case you are coming on a business trip, Auckland Rose Park Hotel has the three most comfortable conference rooms for hire.


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