Tarannum Khan- A Real Activist Never Stops Doing Human Welfare

There has always been a discussion over religions prevailing in India. Whether an individual is Hindu, Muslim or Christian, all of them remains under scrutiny by the people of other religion. The casteism has been very high in India since independence. Apart from that Muslims have also been under severe scrutiny as they are given the status of minorities in the Indian constitution. But, all of them are not minor as they are highly educated and knows the difference between right and wrong. Nowadays, a subject called “Triple Talaq” has become the breaking headlines of the country. Along with other activists, Tarannum Khan has also participated actively in this movement.

Who is Tarannum Khan?

Dr. Tarannum Khan is a popular and very much recognized physician in Mumbai. The 37-year-old physician sees and treats patients in her clinic and as well in the local municipal hospital. As a doctor, she doesn’t have spare time but whatever time she gets, she tries to educate Muslim girls and women in that time.

She primarily focuses on first aid and personal hygiene. According to Dr. Tarannum Khan, a literate female also makes her family literate and teaches the advantages of education. She used to read books and spend time on collecting the current information of medicinal treatments. As a doctor, she loves her job and pays full attention in treating patients honestly.

Another Tarannum Khan-

Now, here is another Tarannum Khan who is a Preacher  by service. She lives in Mumbai as well and hosts several educational gathering and provides lectures on the worship of their God called Allah.

She energetically participates in emerging trends of women Muslim preachers in the country. She is a complete philanthropist and activist as well and advocates against triple talaq.

Meeting of Both Khans

Well, as both of the Khans love to do social works and intend to educate Muslim women, they met in one of the educational gatherings of second Khan. Dr. Tarannum Khan was highly impressed with the knowledge and kindness of the preacher.

Now both of them are against triple talaq and fighting for Indian Muslim women.

What is Triple Talaq and who is Advocating It?

Triple Talaq is just not a term, it is an outrageous issue and now burning every Indian Muslim women under its blaze. It has become a serious issue and now debates can be seen on news channels and in newspapers.

Triple talaq is an ill practice of repeating “talaq” three consecutive times by Muslim man to his woman and divorce is final. As per Muslim law, there is no need of government’s intervention. All India Muslim Personal Law Board is supporting triple talaq and saying that Indian Muslims and their customs don’t need the interruption of the Indian government.

Summary– In this article, there is a discussion about triple talaq and two Tarannum Khan, their views on the topic.


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