How to Take Advantage of Technology: The Best Apps for Students

The applications of mobile devices are very present in our day to day. We can find all kinds: to control our sports activity, as a way to communicate with friends, learn languages, among many options. At the time of studying and organizing better time, we can also benefit from the new technology, getting more efficient and productive.

Best Apps for Students

From Do Nothing, we propose you various apps with which you can manage everything related to the study in an easy way. For each of its functions, there are other similar apps, it is a matter of choosing the one that best suits you and your needs. These are available for both Android and iOS so we find them very attractive.

Google Drive and Dropbox: Both applications are well known and serve to store information in the cloud, allowing access to your files from any device. Both are very effective and allow you to manage both personal and professional documents. In the case of Google Drive, it is very useful for shared documents, so it is ideal if we have to work as a team or share notes.

Timetable: organizing when we have several subjects and daily activities or working and studying at the same time can be difficult or chaotic, especially at the beginning. With Timetable, you can manage schedules, events, exams or any other activity at a glance. If you have not tried it yet, we encourage you to use it.

Todoist: in the same line of Timetable, the organization, this application allows you to make lists of tasks, classify them by dates and even put reminders. As you complete your tasks your score goes up motivating to reach the next level.

Pocket: This application will be more useful than it seems in your day to day, to the point that you cannot go without it. When you find a document, web, or similar that you find interesting or related to your studies, but do not have time at that time to read it in depth, Pocket saves it for you so you can easily retrieve it at any other time.

Simplemind: conceptual maps are very useful when studying and retaining concepts. This application helps you to make schemes and organize ideas of subjects or subjects.

Office Lens: this application works like a scanner so taking a photo of any document or even the class blackboard, it becomes a document with enough features to be printed, reducing brightness and the like that appear in the photographs. One of its main advantages over other similar applications is that it can be used by all operating systems.

Easybib: one of the most tedious tasks for a student is to record the bibliography used in any project. With this application, it is much easier since you can complete the appointments through your search engine or even automatically scanning the barcode of the book.


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