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Electrical and Computer Engineering: Both are Popular, you should have your Own Choice

It is the electrical engineering which came first and then electronics engineering. These days, electrical and electronics engineering are studied together.  Computer Engineering or CPE grew out of the Electrical and Electronics Engineering course. Therefore, both the two degrees have many subjects in common. The common subjects in both the courses are mathematics, physics, chemistry, statistics, linear circuits, electronics, digital electronics and introduction to computer programming. Another additional common area for both the courses is the assignments that the students get. The assignments in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering can be done taking the help of BookMyEssay who have teams of experts who provide high-quality assignment on electrical engineering completely original and plagiarism free.

With the increase in the number of engineering assignments in the undergraduate and postgraduate courses, students studying Engineering courses regularly require the help of assignment writing services like BookMyEssay. There are several engineering streams where the students need constant assistance and expect guidance. Among the main streams, two of the common and vital courses are Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering. Both have the high market value. Often a question arises, which of the two courses is better? There can be no competition between these two-degree programs, instead, a relation can be established between these two streams.

The Common Core

If you complete either of the Engineering courses, you must have gained knowledge about computer programming and a solid foundation on the subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry, statistics, and probability. You will also complete a course in linear system theory, signal processing and three courses in circuit design. However, in CPE, you will receive additional lesson and training on computer programming and networking. The technical electives would focus further on the digital computing systems, the circuits and the software. If you choose Electrical Engineering, you will receive an additional training in mathematics. Thereafter, you will focus your studies on electromagnetics followed by communication theory, control system theory and advanced electromagnetics.

If you look at carefully, Computer Engineering course focuses on design or analyzing the digital computer systems. In contrast, though both have the same foundation, Electrical Engineering course focus is not much on digital systems but the focus is more on topics like electronic circuits, signal processing, electromagnetics, and semiconductors. All the subjects have importance in today’s business environment and the choice of a student depends on his area of interest.

Making a Decision

The course of your course can have a great impact on the career path of the students. Choose your path carefully. Talk to the faculty, friends, and family, potential employers to understand the disciplines of Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering and then make a decision. Regardless of the course you take, it is essential to get good grades in examinations and professional knowledge on the discipline to secure a good job in today’s scenario.

These days, students in all the streams of Engineering receive various types of assignments. Grades in these assignments are a part of overall examination grades. To write good assignments, students take the help of BookMyEssay, an online assignment writing help. The team of professional experts of BookMyEssay can write on any topic, no matter how critical the topic is. Moreover, the quality of content is high and the price is also affordable.

Electrical Engineering Assignment Help – Difference between Electric and Electronic Engineering

What is Electrical Engineering?

It is one of the newer branches of engineering, capable of stamping its impact in the late 19th Century. It basically deals with the electricity and its related fields like electronics and magnetism. The job of an electrical engineer is to work and handle electricity and electrical components. Electrical engineering assignments are based on all aspects of creating and maintaining electrical machinery.

Electrical engineering job ranges handling of tiny electrical circuits to huge power generators. With the development of this branch we have the comfort of using electrical appliances for our convenience at home or work office. Ranging from the ones we use in kitchens like food processors, microwaves, juicers, mixers, grinders, dough makers, blenders, steamers, boilers, rice cookers and what not, we have made lives of our ladies easy. They once started their day from the kitchen and also ended there. They were not able to do any major work apart from household chores. On the other hand office automation equipment like personal computers, laptops, photocopiers, scanners, printers, coffee machines, shredders, components needed in lighting, emergency sprinklers etc are also a marvel of electrical engineering.

A Difference in Electrical and Electronic Engineering:

Electronics engineering is in fact a sub field of electrical engineering. Electronics engineering designs and creates electronic devices having components like transistors, diodes and ICs or Integrated Circuits. These components work on the principles of electrical engineering like voltage, current, digital and analog equipments, power control systems etc.

Our electronic components work on the principles of electricity. Ranging from computers to the latest smart phones everything has electronic circuitry. Here one thing is kept in mind, the voltage; it is limited to mostly five volts with a low operational current.

Electrical engineering works on the principles like study and application of flow of electrons whereas Electronics engineering works on the principles like study and application of flow of charge both positive and negative.

In the case of conductors and insulators (Electrical Engineering), we study only the flow of electrons whereas in case of semi conductors (Electronics Engineering) we study flow of both the positive and negative charges.

Electrical engineering besides including electronics also includes power generation and distribution, electromechanical devices, AC and DC motors, computer devices, transformers, electromagnets etc. Electronics engineering is thought of working on analog and digital platforms, computer architecture, association and application of semiconductor devices, vacuum tubes, thermionic valves etc.

So keeping in view the above discussion there is a clear and distinct difference between Electrical and Electronics Engineering. This difference should be kept in mind while solving assignments concerned with electrical engineering. The students should keep these points in mind for future reference.

How to get Electrical Engineering Assignment Help from Professionals?

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How to Write Best Academic Paper?

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Conceptualize Ideas

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Utilize the Internet

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