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Ways To Use Starbucks Social Media Strategy As An Inspiration

Social Media is a very useful tool in today’s internet savvy world. There is nothing you cannot achieve with the help of this tremendous part of internet; Social Media. A considerable amount of brands have made use of social media in order to enhance their brand value and in order to win the trust of their customers. Starbucks is a brand known to everyone and there are loads of brand loyal caffeine addicts who have sticked to Starbucks as a reliable coffee house.

Starbucks as an inspiration

There is one great thing about brands is that they have huge to offer as an inspiration. Be it the top most brand for vehicles or the coffee house we all depend upon, there is always one or the other thing which can prove to be very inspirational for the startups. One very inspiring strategy from Starbucks is that of their Social Media Strategy. Here are few Social media marketing tactics that are undoubtedly very great to learn from.

1.Make Use Of Your Social Media Channels

Social Media handles for most of the organizations are merely social media channels and very few people actually make good use of them. Starbucks However, has always aced the usage of its social media platforms. They are multilingual on their social media channels including facebook which means they are better able to communicate with their customers. Pinterest, facebook, twitter, instagram, Linkedin, you name it and you will find Starbucks there. Everything starting from the content till the strategies, you can learn a lot from them.

2.They Use Social Media As A Customer Tool

The important thing that most of the brands fail to do is to create a social media such that it becomes a customer tool which is its ideal approach. The more the customers are able to engage with you through these channels the better it gets for your brand as by doing so you kind of restore a trust in your customers.

3.Learn from their campaigns

There are some darn good examples of perfection and presence of mind in campaigns used by Starbucks. Some campaigns like “meet me at Starbucks” and “pumpkin spice latte” have been proved to be very successful. These campaigns from the brand are much creative and engaging which is the reason why people are drawn towards it.

4.Network with the influencers

Another very great thing about brands is that they work with the influencers in order to drive better revenue. As the budget for their social media strategy is huge they can surely afford to work with top influencers. Working with an influencer can help you a lot in reaching to a better brand level.

These are the few essential ways in which you can use starbucks or any other top brand for getting inspired. These few of the social media strategies have proved to be very beneficial for the brand and they can surely help out any entrepreneur for the same.

The dynamic 21st century modern classrooms

It has been noted that with the advancement in technology, our conventional classrooms are also adapting and changing with the changing environment. In this article, it is discussed how the new and modern technology is enhancing the learning environment.A lot has changed nowadays when we look at the classrooms now and compare them with the ones that were traditionally a part of the earlier educational institutes.

Helping students in collaboration:

The new educational technology is actually helping students to collaborate with their peers. Many students use cloud based applications to work on group projects and with teachers remotely.Students can even work with international scholars and enhance their knowledge. Such platforms also provide them a chance to save their work on a safe platform, without any charges.Hence, they apply a great deal of the new technology to their classroom sessions in collaboration with the teachers.

Ease of accessibility:

In the 21st century, the conventional means of accessing and collecting education resources have changed immensely.The internet is a world full of knowledge and for a student who wants to access it, he/she only needs to have an internet connection and a connecting device.  Now, students can access a full library on the internet with all the articles, books and relevant research materials.

All the information is now at the fingertips of the students and they can learn anything about any topic in the world.But again, the authenticity of the material found on the internet is still an issue which is worth debating on. Students must supplement the material online with the books from the library too!

Learn at your own pace: A new teaching mechanism namely distant teaching helps students to learn at their own pace.Students who are working, have a disability or do not afford full time college tuition fees can now learn and earn a credible degree and diploma via distance learning.

Video tutorials, video conferencing etc. have proven to be a major helping aid for students to learn even complex engineering subjects. So, if a student misses a class or someone cannot attend full time college, the latest distance learning mechanism enables them to learn despite all their problems. The students who are enrolled in distance learning programs have a flexible routine which they can adjust as per their requirement.

Networking through social media:

Students now have the option of making networks with teachers and their peers over social media. This is not just helping in networking, it is also paving way for students to interact freely and acquire valuable knowledge via multiple forums.

It has been seen many instructors themselves establish educational groups over Facebook to interact with their students. Also, it enables students to actively participate in educational debates and discussions which can broaden their horizon.

It is quite evident that technology is here to change the classroom into a dynamic learning environment and will continue to evolve and modernize our methods of teaching for the better in the long run.

Author Bio: Serina Levis is an academic content writer by profession. She has a Master’s in Business studies. She is also an avid blogger and reader. She is currently working as an academic writer with Assignment writing service at Assignment Doer Uk , a prominent online academic writing firm. She has diverse interests, so her pieces reflect deep intellect.