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Thinking of melatonin as your sleep remedy? Some must-know facts for YOU!

Scientists and researchers decipher melatonin as a primary choice to aid insomnia. It is regarded as a safe and effective mode which naturally regulates the biological clock which governs human’s sleeping and waking activities.

In scientific terms, this clock goes by the recognition of circadian rhythm cycle. This cycle maintains the ordern which brain triggers the body and prepares to sleep properly. Get some more idea regarding the same.

Explaining this circadian rhythm cycle further-

Experts drew out an interesting observation that human sleep psychology has a direct link with exposure to light and dark. Explaining this in simpler terms, when light of the day exposes, this clock starts its operation which includes

– Rising temperatures of the body

– And releasing simulative hormones such as cortisol

This exposure to light causes a pathway right from the retina to the brain cells and it is known as hypothalamus.

This has a special kind of signal which is known as suprachiasmatic nucleus also known as SCN. And that is what sends out signals to portions of the brain controlling the hormones, temperature and other aspects which make humans sleepy.

Also, the SCN delays the releases of this sleep inducing hormone until several hours later when darkness strikes. And that is what causes drowsiness.

Experts take on melatonin as a sleep aid:

Numerous scientific researches prove that this hormone helps reduce the time it takes one to fall asleep- many who refer to sleep latency. This is one hormone which has regularly served utility for enhancing sleep and reducing jet lags.

This is a common ingredient which is put to use for making numerous sleep inducing medicines, pills and also supplements. However, it is also available in many other forms where users can simply place it beneath the tongue. Doing so allows this hormone to get inside the body and regulate sleep directly.

An interesting statistic points out that in 2014, around 34 million consumers in US, spent $370+ million after knowing about its popularity. Another survey, this time of 2013 brings about, people who used melatonin either as a food item or herbal pill fell asleep 7 minutes quicker in comparison to those who didn’t consume it. Furthermore, their duration of sleep was seen to be 8 minutes longer to their counterparts.

Some of its common usages-

Considered as one of the most common sleep aids it-

· Helps people who have issues sleeping- either temporary or permanent insomnia

· Aids in curing ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder- insomnia related disorder

· Treating Beta Blockers which is also a kind of insomnia resulting due consumption of high-blood pressure medications

· And RBD- rapid behavior disorder- a common sleep behavior complication

Along with these, melatonin also assists in-

– Eradicating sleeping disorders in children along with autism which is a regular developmental issue

– Cure cerebral palsy

– Helps eliminate DSPS which means Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

Furthermore, those who discontinue the use of benzodiazepine drugs will also benefit in consumption of this hormone.

Some experts state people face difficulties in sleep because of a reduction of melatonin production. Catering to external sources such as olives, rice, tomato, barley, and walnuts, or natural supplements can help put that sleep-wake cycle back on track.

These hormonal additions from external sources help mimic the natural procedure inside the brain. And that in turn can help bring back the necessary sleep which one looks for.

How much melatonin to take?

Consumption dose differs from individual to individual. But the mistake which most makes is thinking that a higher dosage leads to better and more peaceful slumber!

This notion is absolutely wrong. On the contrary, it is the opposite which leads to proper night sleep. Over consumptionleads to occurrences of headaches, dizziness, nausea, and irritability!

Average dose that one should take is 4 mg. This is appropriate to trigger the brain cell and detect darkness. This sends a signal to the brain and people start feeling sleepy in no time. The best part is, one doesn’t have to get prescription for this or worry about overdosing.

These herbal pills with melatonin will help to improve the condition of lacking sleep and have a better routine. As a result, they can walk towards a healthier life.

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Using Chamomile as herbal sleep medications- Reasons explained!

Insomnia or lack of sleep is a problem many face. Despite getting into bed wanting to pass over to slumber land, but not able to, that’s correct it’s a common agony of countless people.For this, people used to rely on prescribed drugs. This resulted in several side effects; hence medical experts started considering other alternatives like herbal sleep medications.

But with so many herbal sleep aids available in the market, deciphering one is reliable and safe for usage is a bit daunting. In such a circumstance, consulting with a sleep expert is the ideal thing to do. Surprisingly, one name which they will suggest 7 times out of 10 is chamomile supplements.

As per experts, chamomile is a herbal sleep remedy which is known to promote peaceful sleep.

Fact: Studies also show that a pinch is all it takes to soothe the body and prepare it for sleep.

Reasons to take up chamomile sleep medicines/pills/supplements

In ancient Rome, Greek and Egypt, this herb was put to usage as sleep medications regularly.And even in today’s time when there are so many over the counter medicines available, many doctors still lay their leap of faith upon this natural herb. Here are some reasons which they give –

– Helps induce sleep

It consists of apigenin content which helps it serve utility as a mild tranquilizer.In words of doctors, apigenin consists of muscle-relaxing effects because of its connection with abenzodiazepine.This aids in promoting anxiolytic and eventually induces solaceful sleep.

– Eliminates stress and anxiety

Once it’sappropriate dosage (around 75mg) enters the body, individuals experience a calming sensation, and all stress and anxiety diminish. With the mind and body at solace conjointly, individuals experience a deeper sleep.

– Promotes sedation

Along with apigenin, Chamomile also contains anxiolytics properties, and that promotes sedation within the body, resulting in heavy drowsiness.

A report done to determine its sedation effects, around 12 patients were given 2 bags of chamomile tea in 6 ounces of water. And out of those 12, 10 of them fell asleep quickly. This proved that this herb works well as a sedation and leads to sleep inducing effects.

More on chamomile as sleep medications through tests:

Some further human testing took place to check the qualities of this herb. Around 270mg of chamomile was given to 34 patients twice a day. The results showed there were moderate improvements in those suffering from-

– Sleep latency

– Night time awakenings

– Body fatigue

– Day time functioning ability

– And chronic primary insomnia.

Other studies also show that drinking its tea is also beneficial for postnatal females.Around 80 women in Taiwan suffering from substandard sleep took its tea as sleep medications for 2 weeks or so. Again results came about as per expectancy, showing that this herb lowered their inability to sleep peacefully for a decent stretch of time.

Furthermore, 61 patients suffering from mild GAD or generalized-anxiety disorder took small dosages of its extracts. Its timeline extended for a span of 8 weeks. The results showcased a significant improvement in anxiety immediately after catering to chamomile sleep medications.

All these studies do bring light to the fact why so many sleep experts recommend taking up sleep aid pills with chamomile extracts or drinking up its herbal tea consistently.

It’ssuggestive dosage:

One can take it either as supplements, herbal tea, essential oil, and skin lotion. Just to straighten it out, high dosage can lead to severe long term complications.

– When taking up chamomile sleep medications as supplements/pills, doctors suggest-75 mg proportions of both apigenin and bisabolol in tablets 90-400gm.

– A herbal drink or tea having a couple of spoons of its flower extract and around 8 ounces of water.

Either you take up pills having its extracts or cater to its herbal drink/tea; one should take it around 25 minutes before hitting your bed. For best results, it is always good to go for herbal pills which contain this extract in its exact dosage. Also, there are other herbs added in the pills that increases the potency of the pill and helps to eradicate insomnia, stress and other problems.

Spread the word of herbal sleep medications and help to sleep well!

Author Bio: Adalbert Thomas is well known content writer. He has a lot of experience and has written many articles on the topic of Sleep Aids and Natural Sleep Aids.

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Highlighting the BEST sleep aid ingredients for your beauty sleep!

Human body without adequate sleep is the nest of depression and a multitude of diseases. So, to exterminate any such possibility, one should get hold of the best sleep aid. Combining, magnesium, chamomile and valerian roots, natural sleeping pills are completely organic in nature and restore a person’s normal sleep cycle.

With the antics of modern life amassing, it is very easy for one to get caught up in its hustle and bustle. A peaceful night sleep in such scenario proves to be the best healer. It helps restore balance and also accounts for adequate body recuperation. Though the amount of sleep varies between individuals and nights, doctors say that 7 hours of sleep is important for peace of mind and body. There are around 49.2 million people globally who don’t get enough sleep. When listing out some of the best sleep aid ideas – experts also say, that’s all about bringing some alterations in the lifestyle.

Choose the best sleep aid for your peaceful slumber

Humans have a natural sleeping cycle which is known as circadian rhythm. Simply being in sync with that can lead to improvements in sleep- as per doctors. Making a balance between natural sleep pills and taking a good sleep regime does help make all the difference.

  • Considering Chamomile for your sleep cycle

There are some herbs and shrubs which prove to be a safer alternative to chemical sleeping pills.

  • Chamomile is one such ingredient which helps tame anxiety and also accounts for a wonderful sleep remedy.
  • Sleep experts also state that chamomile consists of anti-oxidants which aid in promoting sleep.
  • This acts as a mild tranquilizer which aids in reducing anxiety symptoms and keeping the body at ease.

They are readily available in capsules or sleeping pills for usage. And honestly speaking, they happen to be the best mode of feeding the body with the right dosage for eliminating sleeping issues.

  • Rolling more on Magnesium

Continuing from the afore-mentioned pointer, magnesium deficiency is another reason why people suffer from sleep deficiency. Taking up references from research work, doctors state that a high level of magnesium does help induce a peaceful sleep.

A body which gets a regular intake of magnesium is known to experience better and deeper sleep, that too consistently.

So, it is ideal to opt for the best sleep aid supplements which include this much needed magnesium content.

  • Passion flower and valerian roots:

Passion flower and valerian roots are other best sleep aid ingredients which help give a good night sleep. The former is great for creating a calming effect on the body and the latter aids in improving GABA- which further helps soothe the nerve cells to promote a sedative influence.

Remarkably, these are 2 ingredients which are included in herbal sleep supplements and natural anxiety reducing sleep pills. So, if you want to avoid the hassle of preparing herbal tea or drinks using these extracts, then you can simply check out at an online drug store and ask for pills incorporating such ingredients. These are best to calculate the right amount of dosage. Again, make sure to get it from a reputed brand.

  • Melatonin for snoozing in the dark

The suggestive dosage as per health experts is 4mg. Melatonin is a potent antioxidant which helps upkeep natural hormone production. Along with that, it also proves fruitful for individuals who chronically have a low content of melatonin- those who have schizophrenia!

For those who work in night shifts regularly and have their regular sleep cycle disturbed, catering to melatonin supplements will help better their sleeping habits significantly.

However, excess consumption has its own degree of complications. And that is why, the safer and more countable mode of consuming melatonin is via sleeping pills or supplements from quality proven providers.

How to choose the best brand for best sleep aid?

But being aware of these sleep promoting ingredients is not good enough. There are other important factors which one needs to give prior and proper consideration.

To get the best brand of sleeping pills, one needs to conduct a thorough analysis of online reviews existing.

  • Plenty of best sleep aid supplement brands will come As per the best ratings and customer testimony, one needs to make a shortlist of notable ones.
  • Next, one needs to manually navigate the website and check for their delivery details. Also, check their cost.
  • Checking out the history of a particular brand is also crucial. It tells one how proficient they are in serving the needs of their customers.
  • Lastly and most importantly, one needs to gander at their supplements facts and check if these mentionable ingredients are present in each of their capsules.

These are some things which one needs to do in order to differentiate the best sleep aid supplement/pill supplier from the rest in the market. Make use of these details and get an authentic product.

Author Bio: Adalbert Thomas is well known content writer. He has a lot of experience and has written many articles on the topic of Best Sleep Aid and Natural Sleeping Pills.

Source: http://www.sooperarticles.com/health-fitness-articles/sleep-articles/highlighting-best-sleep-aid-ingredients-your-beauty-sleep-1601203.html

Prescription Vs Natural: Why Over the Counter Sleep Aid Is a Better and Healthier Alternative?

Are you looking for natural sleep aids to cure insomnia? Dr. Backhaus brings you trusted, natural, and health friendly over the counter sleep aid. Get a cure for the sleepless nights by going all natural!

Do you have a difficulty falling to sleep at night? Are you juggling between prescription and natural sleep aids? The latest insomnia statistics may surprise you; people today sleep 20% less than they did 100 years ago. Also, one in three people suffers some form of insomnia during their lifetime. This means plenty of people rely on sleeping aids and choosing the best available one becomes important. However, pills are believed to cause more harm than good especially when you are consistently relying on them. You need to find the right one from the available choices and have to go the healthier route to help your body recover faster.

Sleep aids have been coming in various forms for many years and often times it becomes difficult enough to choose the right one. All kinds of sleep assisting drugs should serve to be the last resort of insomnia or any other sleep related disorder. Prescription pills are often the ones that are prescribed by your doctor for the sleep disorder and have its own pros and cons. Natural pills are ones that constitute of natural ingredients and are completely different from the prescription drugs. Natural pills are believed to be the best alternative for prescription drug and these are a few amazing properties that make them good enough for you:

Curbs the Drowsiness – You require 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night to feel better in the morning and to be productive throughout the day. Lack of sleep makes you switch to prescribed drugs which eventually make you drowsy when you wake up. This happens even when you have slept a good number of hours but isn’t exactly the case with natural pills.

You Don’t Get Addicted – Prescription pills are quite addictive making it hard to sleep at night without popping a few into the mouth. People who are on pills find it difficult enough to quit even when the sleep disorder settles. Natural pills, on the other hand, are non-habit forming and you will find it easy enough to sleep after you quit them.

Doesn’t Develop Resistance – It is easy enough to experience the ineffectiveness of the prescription pills after you’ve taken it for a while. It feels as if you no longer find the same pill effective to cure your disorder. This happens because your body develops resistance to it and is no longer benefitted from same medication. Natural pills, on the other hand, don’t develop resistance even when you take them on a continuous basis.

Doesn’t Bring the Side Effects – The side effects of prescription sleeping pills can range from obesity and heartburn to cancer and death. Your body can be rebound against the chemicals of the prescription sleeping pills leading to severe health complexities. This, in turn, affects your health in the long run and there is hardly any escape. Switching to natural over the counter sleep aid prevents your body from all kinds of diseases by helping with sleep disorders naturally.

Author Bio: Adalbert Thomas is well known content writer. He has a lot of experience and has written many articles on the topic of Over the Counter Sleep Aid and Sleep Aids.

Source: http://www.articles.studio9xb.com/Free-Article-Directory-Submission-Site-Articles/prescription-vs-natural-why-over-counter-sleep-aid