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Looking For OUI Lawyers In Maine? Few Things You Should Know

Operating Under Influence (OUI), Driving Under Influence (DUI), DWI, and whatnot – different names for a single offense. In the US state of Maine, it is popularly addressed as OUI which restricts a person to operate a motor vehicle with BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) of 0.08 (above the age of 21). If you are caught operating a motor vehicle under the influence, there are a series of punishment you will be exposed to.

OUI in Maine – A Brief

If you are a licensed driver in Maine, any prosecuting officer has the right to ask you for your BAC test based on a probable cause. BAC can be determined either by your breath, blood, or urine. A driving license is considered a privilege and can be withdrawn by state. As such, if you refuse to take a BAC, your driving license will be immediately suspended unless proved innocent and ordered by your court.

Beginning with the base case of OUI offense – if you are above 21 years and are found with a BAC of 0.08% or above without any aggravating factors (such as bodily damage, 0.15 BAC or such others), your driving license will be suspended for 150 days with a fine of 500$. With second and further time offenses, the fine amount and license suspension days are increased with certain jail time.

How Can An OUI Lawyer Help?

An experienced OUI Lawyer makes sure that your case is handled as delicately as possible and lowering the fine amount, license suspension days, and jail time. Even a minor OUI case can be very harmful to your career and this is exactly why you need the legal services of an experienced OUI lawyer.

A lawyer makes sure that you get the justice you deserve. Right from the beginning, an OUI lawyer makes sure that your prosecuting officer doesn’t get enough from your answers or the place for his/her case. Your lawyer, on the other hand, collects court-valid evidence pieces and other things to build a strong defending case. You can check for ratings and reviews of an OUI lawyer by searching online, such as – Portland, Maine attorneys.

Choosing The Right OUI Lawyer

Choosing the right OUI lawyer can be very tough as there are many legal firms and lawyers claiming to offer the best services in the field. There are many things you can look for in a lawyer to ensure that you make the right choice. A good OUI attorney has a lot of field experience that helps him/her to present court-valid evidence exactly when the court needs it.

A good OUI Lawyer has a good reputation among his/her peers and has good referrals of previous clients s/he has worked with. Besides, you can also look for reviews and rating of an OUI lawyer online, for example – OUI Attorneys in Portland, Maine. Choose your OUI attorney today!