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Taking Part in Career Fairs to Get Job in Middle East

Career fairs are organized by different organizations that work on corporate sector. These corporations or organizations often organize different events to attract job seekers to them and provide them information to get selected at there. If you are a job seeker that have enough knowledge, education and skills then these career expos or career fairs will help you to get a job in Middle East. Here we will deliver you tips that are provided by a top job portal Mahraat.com. These tips will help you to build your career with these career expos. Here are tips;
3 Ws: 3 Ws is most important phenomenon to select best career expo for you. 3 Ws include when where and what. 1st of all you will need to know that when a career expo is going to be held and where it will held and what vacancies will be available there. As these are most important information for example if you know that a career expo is going to be held nearby you and it is in next couple of days where your skills matching jobs vacancies will be available then for sure it suits you to go there. You will have to decide and prepare yourself to appear there for interview and other steps.
Prepare Your Documents: When you have collected information that which jobs will be available there then your next step will be preparing documents for you. You will need to make a CV and cover letters according to requirements of different companies that will be offering positions matching your skills. Remember that never make a single CV and cover letter for all. But make different CVs and cover letters according to each company so that you may be able to present your custom documents only for concerned company. Keep in mind that there will be hundreds or may be thousands of job seekers so make your CV and cover letter that could catch eyes of human resource managers.
Prepare List of Questions and Answers: When you will be there in career expo, you will need to search companies that will be offering your skills matching jobs. However to make contact initiation with them, you will have to prepare your introduction and questions and answers. Often it seen that many people make their introduction and list of questions that are rough for human resource persons. Your introduction should be short but should cover your skills. You will need then ask questions related with job specifications and duties. Remember that finding job vacancies in Middle East is always a tough job so you will have to show your patience so that your personality and way of communication could attract human resource persons.
Be Active: Being in career expo, you will need to be active there. Remember that companies always seek active professionals for them. So in first sight if they find you lazy with no etiquettes then career expo will be worthless for you. This is why you will need to be active so that you could catch sigh of human resource managers.
SOURCE: https://parttimejobsinkuwait.wordpress.com/2016/07/10/taking-part-in-career-fairs-to-get-job-in-middle-east

How to Find a Job that You Love Most

Finding a job in Kuwait, egypt, bahrain, qatar, abu dhabi, dubai, riyadh and saudi arabia is not an easy task because it involves lot of different things that make difficult to get a good job. For example, if you don’t have a good CV or you don’t have prepared for interview then there are possibilities of your rejection. Further, it also involves environment of office and good attitude of employer that is hiring you. However, question arises here that if a person has prepared himself mentally to be hired successfully then how he will be able to find a good job? Here we are going to provide you some tips that will be helpful for you in making you able to find a job that you love.

Be Realistic about Job Satisfaction:

You have to prepare yourself to provide full satisfaction to your employer. Remember that there is no job without work. You have to work whether you are on manager level post or labor level post. So it is necessary for you to keep in your mind that you may have to work for 9 hours. In those 9 hours, you will have to work with full sincerity and dedication so that you may be able to impress your employer. If your employer will be satisfied from your performance then there are more chances that you will be promoted soon. So make your aim that whatever job you apply for, your aim should be to work there with dedication. Your aim can make your employer impressed with you.

Explore Your Values:

Determining that which job fits with your values is main thing that can make you able to find a job of your interest. However not only finding your values will help you but improving your skills will also help you to make your worth in interview. Just for example if you realize that you fit with job of insurance company then you need to take some professional tests or diplomas in finance. If you think that you fit with real estate then you need to take some professional diplomas in sales and marketing. Similarly whatever job is there for which you are applying, you will need to make your worth in that skill so that you may be able to impress your employer with your professional skills

Explore Your Interest:

Exploring your interest will be more helpful for you to find a job that can be most suitable for you. Just for example if you have interest in finance and you have professional education for this job then you will need to find jobs in banking sector or in corporate financial based company. If you have interest in sales then you will need to find a job in real estate or any other business that may have most suitable job for you. Remember that there are lot of job vacancies in bahrain that may be suitable with your interest. You need to apply for those jobs that match with your professional skills and education. If you do this then you will have a best job of your dreams awaiting for you.

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