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Learn How Fashion promotes Pakistani Clothing?

Every state or country has some particulars, based upon the entire system of traditions, custom, and laws implemented within its boundaries, whether a Western country or an Eastern one, there is a specific foundation everywhere. Same is the case in Pakistan. It is an Islamic republic, which makes it obvious that the culture, society, and other traditions here are practiced according to the Islam. Though, we digress from the path sometimes, but our motive is to follow it from all aspects.

Being a Muslim country, the purpose of clothing for both male and female is to cover oneself. Female is particularly required to retain her chastity by covering herself. With regards to this purpose, Pakistani clothes for women are majorly the Shalwar Kameez with Dupatta. Mostly women wear Abaya on usual clothes as well. Shalwar kameez has now become a universal dress that has influenced millions of people specifically the Muslime across the world. Even in India too, people are so much influenced by this dressing style that the majority of women are wearing it. In western countries, it is also admired.

You might be wondering why this outfit is so popular even in the global map right? Because, it looks graceful on every figure from slim and smart to chubby looking teen girls and adult women. It has unique designs, attractive color combinations, best material, and huge variety according to passing trends and fashion. The credit goes to Pakistani fashion designers as well who have modernized this outfit by embellishing it with different designs and sequins that have totally transformed it into trendy wear. Prior, to this era usually girl used to avoid Shalwar Kameez, but now since the notion of Kurtis, cigarette pants, long shirt and branded companies such as Sana Safinaz, Al-Karam has been introduced, now every girl belonging to well-off class seems to be longing for Shalwar Kameez.

It’s just like we cook a boring dish in a new way by adding different ingredients to give a different taste and smell. Fashion has revived the concept and trend of Abayas as well. Fashion is the weakness of women, she is always attracted towards latest dresses and styles to rejuvenate their physical outlook and appearance. Everyone wants to look best. The days are gone when old black boring Abayas were available in the market. Time has changed, and the world has become advanced. Now Abayas are available in the variety of styles like black Abaya with colored sleeves, buttons, and embroidery. Some are front open, and others are front closed (new style), similarly matching stoles or scarves are also in available in different styles now. In fact, there are regular fashion shows for Abayas. New styles are exhibited via models in ramp walk that arouse motivation in girls and they hunt for it.

Thankfully, at least fashion could do something to revive the Islamic concept in current youth. I would say a big thanks to our current fashion industry that has not only develop boom in our Pakistani fashion fraternity but also bring our national dresses in new forms so we can embrace them and adopt it to promote our culture.