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Green Building and Design Trends You Should Know Of!

Per The World GBC, the green building and design activities are growing across the globe at a remarkable rate and will continue to do so as the stats point to an increase of the green building construction across 20 countries between now and 2021.

This has put the organization’s operator under high stress as the need to go green arises, but the implementation is being delayed due to the scarcity of resources and the increasing demand for green building construction. This is why it is crucial for the building constructors and owners to keep up with the latest green building and designing trend so that your premise is aligned with the latest green construction guidelines and contributing towards a sustainable environment in the right manner. Also, it is crucial in this time and age that you let a green building consultant manage and navigate you throughout the process, to achieve best results.

Keep reading to know some of the latest and innovative green building and designing trends that you should know of:


Yes, quantifying how the construction supplies and processes affect the environment’s health can be a strenuous task but the construction industry is accountable for the impact it is having on the surrounding and the lifestyle. The use of latest tool and technology can help draw the comparison, to help contractor make a more informed decision, complying to the industry rules and regulation. With AI advancing, the potential for a more greener construction is anticipated as the machine learning can help recommend the most suitable material, cost and keep track of utilization of carbon, etc.


Energy analysis tools are of utmost importance throughout the green building designing and construction, to analyze the process and the performance of the building. Analysis tools will be helpful in keeping track of the use of potential energy and other vital resources.


With 2018 wreaking havoc across the nation with its increased living cost due to the climatic change, resilient infrastructure planning is a critical thing to focus on. Climate and security resilient building designing and planning have become the need of the hour.


With the awareness in the population about the green building construction, especially concerning how it affects their daily life has employers and building owners become vigilant regarding the air quality index in their construction design and planning. A good air quality index means a healthier environment, which ensures better productivity, with the occupant no longer exposed to volatile organic compound and emission of gases that are slow poison and degrade the quality of life. This also impacts the value of the building, in the estate market.


While earlier the materials composition and quality of a difficult task for everyone involved in the green building and designing, be it the designers, architects, certification agency or the construction companies, now with the introduction of latest tool and technology, the same has been a hassle-free job, though much development is needed. The devices have led to a more transparent, efficient and practical analysis of the materials.

Implement the aforementioned green building and designing trends to reduce the impact of construction on our hitherto deteriorated environment by building healthier homes, structure, and surroundings. It is essential to make sure that while pursuing green building construction, you only consult certified green building professionals since projects carried out by the certified professionals are more credible in terms of resources being used and standards being adhered to.

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