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  1. Choose the topic: The most vital part before starting with your essay is to choose a topic. Selection of topic is of vital importance since a lot depends on it. Before choosing the final topic, it is good to study the scope of writing in the topic. You can go through internet, books and journals before selecting your final topic.
  2. Jot down the points: Prepare a rough draft of the format of the essay and the points you want to put into it for further discussion. This helps the student to have an organized idea about the structure of the essay, which makes him easier to carry on with the essay as per the format.
  3. Thesis statement: Now once you have chosen a topic and sorted out the data and information you will put in next you have to create the thesis statement. Ideally, the thesis statement should have two parts. The first part would state the topic and the second part would state the point of the essay.
  4. Introduction to the essay: Begin your essay with introduction. The purpose of this is to present the main topic of the essay. The introduction provides the reader with an understanding of what topic you are going to talk about in the next pages. Introduction should be catchy and interesting to the readers. It must be written in a way that would grab the attention of the readers. If the readers find the introduction interesting, he would be interested in studying the entire essay but if he finds it uninteresting then his interest would be lost in continuing with the essay. The thesis statement should be made in the introduction. The thesis statement is a single sentence that tells the readers about the central motive of the essay.
  5. The body of the essay: The body of the essay is the vital part in the essay that talks about the topic in detail. The main idea is explained here in detail. Begin writing by putting up the main ideas and continue your essay by supporting ideas. Maintaining an order is important while writing the body of the essay. If the essay talks about any certain process then it is suggested, that the step by step procedure should be maintained. Our experts at essay help online suggests the students to put the strongest points should come up in the beginning and the ending of the essay along with examples.

Conclusion brings the curtains down in any piece of academic study. It concludes the essay by showing the final views of the essay. The conclusion should be written in a way that would show your final perspective on the topic. It should ideally have three four strong definite sentences that would conclude the entire study in those few points.

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Essay Help Online

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