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Copywriting Tips for Real Estate Agents

For several times we have emphasized the importance of sharing good photographs in real estate announcements.

The images / video are the elements that capture and grab the attention of your potential client. But are they enough to sell?

The answer is simple: no. The accompanying text is that you will make the sale.

To describe the property is not enough a simple description of the characteristics of the property. Put yourself in your client’s shoes.

When reading information about a property, what do you need to know, in fact? That the house has “3 bedrooms, two bathrooms, an equipped kitchen and good accesses?” Does this get you to put it at the top of your preference list?

Identifying the characteristics of a property is important. But explaining the benefits each brings to the customer is an almost infallible technique.

So you can write more effective texts for real estate portals and social networks, we share some copywriting tips for real estate agents. Austin investment property must be credited for these useful tips.

1 – Know who you are writing to
Identifying the target audience for the type of property you are selling will help you choose the “tone of voice” and highlight certain aspects of the property.

If you are promoting a T3 in the suburbs, it is very likely that this property will be sought by families, or people who are thinking about starting a family. So, for example, instead of referring to “good access”, you can say that “the apartment is 5 or 10 minutes away from schools, leisure parks and supermarkets.” With this information you will show, to the possible client, that he / she you will not have to travel far to get where you need it. Those who have children will appreciate this piece of information.

2 – Choose words that translate actions
Filling your text with adjectives will not yield much results. People are already waiting for the real estate agent to say that the house is beautiful, remodeled and special. But tastes and perceptions are relative, so take advantage of the ad to encourage action, especially in the ad title.

Words like “discover” “remodel” or “visit”, make the visitor look at his title, and take action. In the middle of 25 ads, yours will be more likely to stand out.

3 – Does the property have a unique feature? Enjoy it
If the property you are promoting has a characteristic that differentiates you in the market, you must obviously take advantage of it. But if you do it in the conventional way, saying only that “the villa has a heated pool,” this aspect may even go unnoticed in the middle of the text.

But if you build a story around the feature, the likelihood of capturing the reader’s attention will be greater.

“Relaxing will be simpler and faster: after a long day of work, you can take a dip in YOUR heated swimming pool. No one will bother you, and you can start the season in the best way. Peaceful and renewed energy. ”

4 – Forget the clichés
“Newly renovated”, “very well-liked”, “unique opportunity” are phrases that constantly appear in the descriptions of the ads.

And whoever walks in the market looking for a home already begins to doubt the veracity of these qualifications. They are used so often that they no longer have the meaning they should have.

And if you have the bad luck of the “newly renovated” house not meeting your prospect’s expectations of a newly renovated home, you will miss a sale, and get a reputation as a liar.

If a car salesperson tells you that the car is a “one-time” opportunity to buy it before it “disappears”, your thinking will be “what kind of a serious problem does the car have or did it have?”

It is best to avoid clichés. Let the photos show if the property is renovated, or well estimated.

5 – Beware of grammar and misspellings
All your efforts can be laid to rest by writing a misspelled and grammatical text.

To avoid this, we advise you to always “always” pass the text by a spell checker. Here is the link to FLIP On-line – spelling and syntax corrector.

We hope these copywriting tips for real estate agents are useful. Writing effective ads is not something that is easily achieved, but if you take these techniques into account, you will see that the results will begin to appear.

Remember that good photographs AND good text will sell the property you want to promote faster.