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Compose Your Dissertation with Ease, Get Help from Experts Online

Writing an effective dissertation is the most daunting task ever for the students. There are a lot of different ways to write a dissertation. There are times in their career where they would get stuck with a topic that is too difficult for them to write on their own. That is when they can use dissertation-writing services offered by several companies as they have qualified and expert dissertation writers. Students should research online to know if they are hiring the right people because all the service providers claim to be the best. They try their best to convince the customers about their excellent quality services. However, this blog explains a few tips to compose a dissertation for students and take help from online experts.

Plan before writing

Good dissertations are well planned. So the students should make a plan on the paper before they begin to write the dissertation. They should read the main guidelines given by the professor. They should also understand the main objective of the dissertation and the duration it will take to finish. A dissertation should have a proper thesis that is supported by facts and argued by using appropriate statements. They should learn right it if they don’t know how to write good paragraphs. All the paragraphs in the dissertation should be connected to each other by transitional words and phrases.

Prepare an outline.

The students should follow a step by step procedure that is they should prepare a draft or an outline of the assignment. It will help in reducing the grammatical or spelling errors present by mistake in the draft and hence prevent the student to lose marks. It will help in improving writing skills of the students. They should search for various research articles, review papers, journals and other academic articles to search for literature review and also learn the style of composing an ethics assignment.

Connect all paragraphs

It is very important for the students to make sure that the body paragraphs of the dissertation contain information which supports the thesis as well as other points they bring up throughout the course of the work. All the statements should be connected together and you should not waste time explaining history which is not relevant to the topic of the dissertation or already known to your reader.

Authentic data and information

A well-written dissertation includes authentic data and information. The most effective way to gather authentic and relevant data is to carry out a research successfully. But many students do not know how to conduct an effective research. A dissertation should include only trustworthy sources of data to earn a good grade. A large number of students commit a mistake of using data from Wikipedia. This results in a bad impression on the assessor and the student ends up losing his or her marks.

Do not copy from internet

The students should not copy down from dissertation samples that are available online and they should use them only as a reference to seek help. Plagiarism is one the major reasons of losing marks by the students. Hence, the students are advised to paraphrase each and every statement and pen down in their dissertation to prevent the loss of marks.


17 Countries World Best Educational System


The countries with the best education system in the world are one of the most striking rankings provided by its importance at the social level. A good policy is the foundation of every civilization educational and can determine the present and the future of a nation and the quality of life of its citizens.

Have you ever wondered which countries are better educated? This is no longer a mystery thanks to the PISA reports (Report of the International Program for Student Assessment) performing an analysis of the performance of students from exams every three years and is developed by the OECD.


Ranking countries with better education system

1- South Korea

The number 1 position is much disputed between Japan and South Korea because both systems are equal as performance levels. We have decided to finally put in the No. 1 Korean country as one 554 math scores being higher than the OECD average (494) average, according to the latest PISA conducted in 2012. Get a 536 in reading and science 538. Only one in 60 years has managed to fight and almost completely eliminate illiteracy that existed in the country. They are characterized by understanding education as an engine for development.

Education is free and compulsory from the age of 7 years to 15 years. As in other countries, there is a selectivity to enter college. The state spends 7% of its GDP to education and also teachers are highly respected.

2- Japan

Japan, as countries such as Finland and South Korea, also presents excellent levels in areas that are assessed by the PISA reports, being in math by 534, in reading one 538 and in science simply a 547. The educational structure based on technology has provided great figures in knowledge and understanding. Among the most important features of this education system we found that it has established an equal curriculum for the entire country. In addition, legislation as far as education is concerned (unlike other countries such as Spain) is stable over time. The effort made by students is essential as there is a highly competitive and not only education is left for college but is everybody’s job. As in Korea, teachers are highly qualified for the job and are highly respected by society.

3- Finland

It is recognized worldwide for its high efficiency and effective education system. However, in recent reports PISA has been declining over other positions such as Korean or Japanese. According to the PISA 2012 report presents the scores in the different areas evaluated are: 519 in math, 524 in reading, and 545 in science. The main characteristics of this education system consisting are among others that the teacher is a professional highly valued. As in most countries belonging to the OE CD, education is free and accessible for everyone. In addition, it is customizable depending on the qualities that present the student occurring him importance to children, in addition to play, rest properly. Nor tests are performed until the age of 11 years and curiosity and participation is rewarded.

4- Estonia

Estonian education system is on the top of the list of science with a score of 541. It is also highlighted in reading with 516 score and in mathematics with a score of 521 according to the PISA 2012 report.Education is compulsory in this country from 7 years of age to 17. The aim of this educational system is to promote learning to anyone and throughout life.

They often worry that teachers are competent and are motivated by their work. In addition, they give importance to digital learning and equal opportunities in lifelong learning.

5- Canada

Scores that has the Canadian education system to the areas assessed in the latest report published PISA are: 518 math, reading and science 523 525. As we can see these are also very high values, so there fore students have high performance in these fields. Among the main features of this educational system we find that it is compulsory and free up to 16 years. In addition, there is a national education system, but each province and territory has its own.

6- Poland

Poland is on number eight in mathematics with a score of 518, sixth in the reading area with the same figure and fifth in science with a value of 526. Education is free and compulsory from 6 to 18 years,giving students the opportunity to age 15 years to choose the path they want to follow. In addition,teachers are free to develop their teaching style and class taught fewer hours compared to the educational systems of other countries.

7- Switzerland

Switzerland’s education system has a score in the area of math 531, while the reading value is 509 and 515 in science. It is characterized, as in other countries; education is different depending on the place where you study. However, the constitution of this country takes early childhood education as compulsory and free site regardless of Switzerland that he wants to study. Finally, note that the minimum age for compulsory system is six years.

8- Netherlands

According to the PISA report in 2012, scores of this education system is 523 in math, 511 in reading and 522 in science. That is, the 6th place in math, 12th in science and 13th in reading ability. Education of the Nether land pays special attention towards training and needs of their students. There are three types of schools: public, special and general; although they are free they can borrow money from parents.

9- Ireland

The Irish education system has obtained values of 501 in math, reading and science one 523 one 522. As previously developed countries, they are well above the average for countries OECD in these areas.Education is compulsory from six to 15 years old. It consists of three types of universities: technological institutes, universities and educational itself. As in all educational systems that we described, education is free.

10- Germany

The German education system is also above the average for all OECD, with scores in the math area of514, 508 in reading and 524 in science. It is characterized by compulsory from the age of six, when children enter primary stage. When the primary end has to choose between the various institutes that there depending on what you want to study later.



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Essay writing is not a very easy task to do; it’s not easy for everyone, or anyone to write essays in a coherent way, in a proper style of writing. Essay writing is something very essential and at the same time very complicated.

If you’re the study of college essay writing is your daily task, but it’s not compulsory that you are expert in essay writing task and you can write exactly what your teacher wants. At the same time you may have to face many other problems regarding your other home works of other subjects like Mathematics, Science projects and so on. You cannot work on your essay writing properly with complete absorption and awareness you lose you marks.

Essays are of different types you may get confused while writing essays like maybe you need to write an essay with the addition of diagrams, pictures, charts, pie charts, tables, etc. and you are not aware of that and you again lose marks in your class. For instance, you are supposed to add some anecdotes and quotes in your essay and you as not able to deal with that you will be losing your grades again.

Sometimes you add many quotation marks; full stops and so on in your essay writing, which are not needed that will also harmful for your marks and grades. And even sometimes in a hurry, you write essays haphazardly that is also not good for your good impact on teacher. Even sometimes you try to copy essays from your friends and you got failed as well as losing respect in front of your teacher.

So basically you can take help from many ways to write your essays like essay books, internet, and library so on and so forth, but sometimes because of too much burden you cannot quintessence accurately and right, well no need to worry because there are several other ways to get help for writing essays.

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