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Things Your Bariatric Surgeon Doesn’t Tell You

Obesity is a common disorder which can lead to other health problem; diabetes, high blood pressure, and obstructive sleep apnea, to name a few. Since obesity can affect many organs, it is better to treat it at an early stage. Bariatric surgery is the surgical weight-loss procedure to address this problem. It is recommended to consider one of the best bariatric surgeons in Dubai since this is a very medically critical procedure. Don’t worry; we will provide a proficient reference at the end of this article. However, there are a lot of guidelines that you should follow when contemplating about weight-loss surgery.

Best-of-best bariatric surgeon in Dubai might forget to mention essential sometimes. We have mentioned below a few things that you should consider after undergoing bariatric surgery:

Might experience excess skin:

After bariatric surgery, your body and skin will go through a change. Gradually, they will adjust slowly to the changes in weight loss procedure. Although with a few customers it was observed that some part of their skin had become droopy skin, which can cause rash or infection. You should take consultation if witness such problem. Yet, it is always recommended to ask your bariatric surgeon about any specific medicine or instructions that are required to be followed.

Alcohol Use:

Struggle with alcohol and other substance abuse were observed in a few patients who have undergone weight-loss surgery. You feel even small amounts more rapidly after this surgery. Furthermore, it is also to known as “ addiction swapping” medical operation. Therefore, no to alcohol and goodbye food addiction too.

Bid your goodbyes to soda:

After this weight loss surgery, you have to give up on carbonated beverages. Why? Well, simply because they introduce air into your belly which creates gas that can put pressure on your stomach and cause it to expand unnecessarily. Substituting soda with water could be a good idea, since dehydration is one of the most common reasons for patient’s readmission to the hospital.

EatIng disorders:

Ironically enough, after this bariatric surgery, you may have a risk of developing an eating disorder. Eating too quickly and not chewing thoroughly can cause vomiting. This is another unhealthy habit which can lead to an eating disorder, and after you must be conscious of your eating habits.

Emotional side-effects:

Even best-of-best doctors sometimes not offer this information about the changes you are going to face emotional side after the surgery. People experience self-doubt, and mood swings while going through the recovery session after the surgery. At this time it is suggested to keep your expectation realistic and focus on the improvement in your health. After all, this step that you had taken was for your and appreciation.
If you think that emotional damage is going beyond your control, consider joining a support group or attend counseling sessions with a therapist.

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