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Tips to Make Internet Research Easy

While you may not be using very advanced researching methods in high school and college, you are expected to be well aware of various research methodologies like qualitative and quantitative methods as a PhD student. The debate here does not involves which methodology is the efficient one but no matter whichever methodology a student uses, these tips can help him search efficiently using the internet. There are certain rules that, if followed, can reveal the most accurate and relevant information.

Quite often, students tend to complain that the search engine shows irrelevant information as they enter words or a phrase. This is mainly because students are unaware of the rules of entering information that search engines could accurately read. According to experts offering dissertation help, approximately 70% students are unaware of these tips due to which internet research has been annoying for some past years. So following are the ways through which you can make internet research efficient:

  • Avoiding Wordiness Should be The First Step: Emphasis is laid upon the error of wordiness in academic writing since high school. Wordiness is when writer uses too many unnecessary words in a sentence or phrase that could be shortened without affecting the meaning it conveys. Students often do this to ‘reach the word count limit’ but it leaves a bad impression on the reader. One reason that professors state for not appreciating wordiness is that it forms confusing sentences with possibilities of misinterpretation. Similarly, wordiness in search engines might not deliver the right message and hence irrelevant information will be revealed. So be as accurate and brief as you can.
  • Use of Signs Can Be Very Effective: Expert dissertation help providers claim that very few people are aware of the use of signs while carrying out internet research. For example, a minus sign (-) can help search engine recognize you do not want a particular thing. So if you search for Tiger, you may get results of a company named Tiger Corporation. To avoid this, you can enter it as Tiger –Corporation or –Company so you will not get such results. Similarly, there is a sign for ‘or’ (|). If you enter ‘sad sorrow’, the search engine will read it as sad and sorrow both but if you enter it as ‘sad | sorrow’, the search engine will show information relevant to either sad or sorrow but not both.
  • Do Not Be General in Whatever You Enter:
  • Consider the search engine as your professor who is looking for precise answers instead of generalized statements. A professor will deduct marks for being general since he can interpret the sentence in many ways. Similar goes for the search engines that might misinterpret the data you enter and hence the output information will be irrelevant. So use less word and be precise in whatever query you enter.
  • Capital Letter Does Not Make a Difference:
  • Search engines do not distinguish between upper and lower case letters. This is important to know because some students assume that beginning a name, for example, from lower case might not reveal accurate information. So without bothering for the upper and lower case, keep other tips in mind while searching for data on the web.

So whether you are using qualitative, quantitative or a mixture of both methodologies of research, these tips can make internet research easy and efficient.

Author Bio: Sarah Taylor is a sociologist who pursued computer science minor at college due to his passion for programming and coding. He contributed in many social programs and campaigns by offering technical help related cheap assignments and to programming in application development and website designing.