Surveillance Cameras – What Are the Different Types?

When installing a home or business security system through a surveillance camera systems service, selecting the right video camera is important. Getting the best results from a video surveillance system involves the use of the most appropriate camera. Knowing which is the best choice for specific applications requires answering a few questions – and then an experienced surveillance camera systems company can provide the right unit.

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What Type of Security System?

Whether the system will be used for a home or business, indoors or outdoors, affects which type of security camera should be used. It is also important to consider lighting conditions, positioning, and a hidden versus non-hidden camera. With each system are various options depending on the type of system, such as wired vs. wireless – all of which are part of the selection process. By discussing such options with a surveillance camera systems service, purchasers can determine the most appropriate camera is appropriate for their use.

Options Based on System and Lighting Needs

The most important things to consider when deciding which camera to use with a security system are the type of system and lighting conditions. Following are some of the options to discuss with an experienced surveillance camera systems company:

  • Wired or Wireless – A wireless security system requires a wireless camera, while a hard-wired system requires a wired camera. Surveillance camera systems services know the choice should be based on where the camera will be used, any preference regarding appearance, and if there is any risk of wires being cut in the planned location.

  • Network/IP Cameras – Available as either wired or wireless, network/IP cameras transmit directly to a computer network for remote camera viewing or backup of such information.

  • Cameras for Different Lighting Options – There are video surveillance cameras available for use only in well-lit areas – or daylight, cameras that have low-light capabilities for dimmer areas. There are also units with infrared, night vision capabilities for use either indoors or outdoors.

  • High-Definition Cameras – Companies that provide surveillance camera systems can provide video surveillance cameras with zoom and focus capabilities for more detailed surveillance. These types of cameras are controlled independently to zoom in closer as needed, or focus on something specific.

Additional Camera Options

Besides the above system requirements, a knowledgeable surveillance camera systems service company knows there are other options to help a buyer choose the right camera for their security system according to camera visibility and other characteristics:

  • Discreet or Covert – These cameras appear to be commonplace items, like alarm clocks, smoke detectors, and more, which makes them a discreet camera choice. This can also be done by positioning exceptionally small surveillance cameras in discreet hiding places.

  • Bullet – These are small, compact cameras that take color or high-definition images rather than record video. They are usually mounted to a wall or ceiling where they can monitor wider indoor or outdoor spaces depending on the unit.

  • Dome – These are cameras in a dome-shaped enclosure that is mounted to ceilings; this makes them visible without looking unattractive or completely obvious; the cameras frequently span and rotate. Surveillance camera systems companies say their main purpose is to be obvious enough to be seen by intruders as a deterrent, while blending with the decor so as to not look offensive.

Although there are many different specifications for video surveillance cameras, some of them combine multiple features for certain uses. To find the best one to be installed by a local surveillance camera systems installation company, it is best to consult with an experienced surveillance camera systems company. Such a company can help clients select the type of camera that will work best to meet their home or business security needs no matter what type of surveillance conditions!


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