IT Support Cape Town

The time that IT support spends helping customers, helps them to learn a lot and create a much better customer service operation.

I visited the IT support team at The Computer Guyz in Cape Town, where they provide support to Cape Town residents and businesses in and around the area, and we discussed the things they have learnt about providing the best customer service they possibly can.

1. There are Two Ways to Fix Everything

There are always two solutions to every problem. The instant solution on the surface is just to immediately solve the customer’s problem, but if you think a bit harder, there is most likely a deeper solution. This is the actual way to stop that certain issue from ever coming up again.

2. Tell Customers to Clean Out The Dust

There is always that one customer who will phone in and moan that their keyboard isn’t working. Obviously, as an IT Support expert in Cape Town, you know that it is probably not plugged in, but if you tell them that, they’ll get insulted. Instead, suggest unplugging it, cleaning or blowing out the dust and then plugging it in again.

3. Make your Customers Love You

When someone has a problem and IT support fixes it, there is a high chance that they are going to be happier than if they had never had an issue from the get go. Most people expect tech support to have awful customer service, so when they call and actually talk to a human who actually solves their problem, its guaranteed love!

4. It’s Always your Fault

Saying the words, “it’s my fault” and taking the blame can completely reduce a customer’s anger or irritation. It sounds too good to be true, but these simple words can completely change someone’s emotions in a matter of seconds!

5. Be a Puppeteer

You have to realise that you’re going to win some arguments, and if you take it to heart its going to make things a hundred times worse. There is only one solution to dealing with angry or irritated customers pretend you are a puppeteer. Since some customers treat you like a puppet, think of yourself as that puppet. Your main goal is to think of what the puppet would say to the customer to make them happy.

After chatting about these steps, I realised how difficult IT support can be. However these steps can truly help to create remarkable IT support. If you are ever in Cape Town or the surrounding areas – contact The Computer Guyz today for efficient IT support at an affordable price.


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