This is How Summer Camps Help Children in Preparing for Adulthood

When a child attends a summer camp, he experiences a plethora of skills he/she can learn such as bonding with others, creating meaningful relationships, accepting mentoring, and nurturing critical decision-making skills. All these skills fosters confidence and independence that becomes the basis on which the child will lead his/her life. Let’s explore individually how summer camps can prove to be beneficial for your children.

Promoting teamwork
In camps the teamwork helps children to work for a greater good and cause, i.e., team. The focus on self-centeredness or the “me” factor is no longer applicable as children invests their time and effort to help the team.

They learn the importance of timework and what it takes to achieve a mutual objective on collective basis. This further leads to the strengthening of individual relationships and trust building. Remember acting on collectivism is empowering yourself as well as others in your team.

Camps teach resilience
Resilience is all about never giving up no matter what. That’s what the activities in summer camps instill in children. Activities including a challenging outdoor, ropes course are only to name a few that forces kids to get back up and try again and again.

The importance of resilience in kids is absolutely crucial as such activities are difficult which will surely make any kid fail and needing him to stand back up and try again. As they progress through the activity, their confidence rises, which eventually leads them to conquer the task which initially seemed impossible.

Growing decision-making skills
Apart from confidence and resilience, camps also entail students in decision-making activities needed to master especially when times are rough. The kid learns to differentiate between “right” and “wrong”, and from whom and how to take the moral guidance especially in a world filled with chaotic media, bad influence from movies, and unhealthy peer pressure.

Prepare your kid to try new things
Climbing the ropes, living in a cabin, lighting fire, cooking food, etc. is not something your child is accustomed to do every day. While at camps, these activities are introduced to children that tend to build mental strength, character, determination, and focus to get the work done.

As parents and as most of our cultures promote we are happy watching our child doing things he/she is comfortable with. But that limits a kid’s confidence and his/her thirst and curiousness to experience new things. The actual occurrence of an unpleasant task is easy to resent, but welcoming it headfirst is necessary if your kid is to experience such new instances he will undoubtedly encounter at some point in life. Remember growth happens when we step out of our comfort zone!

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