Stylish Wooden Sofa Sets to amaze you

A sofa is an essential part of every home. If you are about to buy a new sofa for the living space, it is better to know some amazing styles so you can choose the perfect one for you. You can list below some of the best pieces among all the available styles. And that will help you differentiate between so many designs. Here are some of the best designs of wooden sofas:

  1. Cabriole: This model can be recognised by the curved legs, raised back and the exposed wooden frame. It has always been styled into curves and that’s why it is labelled as a cabriole sofa. The height of the back till the arm forms and other curvaceous line. The arms are slightly bent and curved inwards as if hugging the sofa.
  2. Camelback: It is another curvaceous style of the sofa but is formal. It has an arched back just like the camel, that descends a little on both of the side arms. It is classy and elegant and best for the formal conversations and meetings.
  3. Chesterfield: It is the easiest piece to spot. It has a luxurious look with the stylish back and fitted arm with deep button tufts. The rolled arms are the same height as the back. The front arms are nail head trim, which gives the visual gravity. It has the flair to be your living room’s showstopper.
  4. English roll arm: It is the best choice for couch potatoes as it offers excellent comfort. The curvy gathered low arms provide enough support to lean on while watching TV or reading a book. It is a timeless classic with loose cushions for your bottoms to rest and a high and tight back with non-removable cushions.
  5. Sectional sofa: This one is the latest trends in the sofa world. It is a multi-purpose furniture unit. The number of sofas put together can be 3 or 5 as per your needs, and they can be arranged in a different configuration as well. These sofa sets are found mainly in L-Shape and U-shape.
  6. Lawson style: It is an invention of a modern world and created to offer extra support and comfort. It has a simple silhouette, generously padded and beautiful cushions, low arms and often skirted as well. The back is comprised of extra cushions, which are removable and make it popular choice for many people.
  7. Chaise: The name is derived from the Chaise lounge chairs because it is comfortable and an attractive addition to the bedroom as well. It has a graceful contemporary shape. It is an excellent option for modern houses.
  8. Sofa cum beds: As per its name, sleeper wooden sofas are used for sleeping purposes other than any seating. They can be found in various styles and designs. They can arrange from futons to pull-outs, daybeds and more, all of which offer bedding comfort as well as seating.
  9. Settee sofa: It is the latest trend in wooden sofa industry and a version of a wide love seat. It technically offers you a shallow seating and designed to seat only two people at a time. It has a high straight back with a clean look. It comes in various styles and can be the right addition to the entryway or a small living room.
  10. Track arm: It is a type of sofa that has a flat look with squared off side arms. It has a perfect rectangular shape, which makes this sofa a graceful and elegant addition to modern styled houses. Upholstered with plush fabric and few beautiful and cozy cushions will make it an attractive piece.

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