Studying Abroad…Either Necessity or Luxury???

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The challenging environment of economy, one prime investment in the economy is studying abroad of college students. In this way, if people want a new generation of inventors, innovators, and leaders (of course) and who want to remain effective in a globalised world, therefore, sending students to study abroad is not a luxury but a NECESSITY!!!

For me, national security is based on the basis of well-educated electorate along with an extensive and refined worldview. Majority of the population are living outside the border and we are left with the risk in the dust without knowing how to engage with the world. It is quite hard to cope up briskly with the developing economies.

Nowadays, people like me are frightened from the environment of this time since students are also feeling afraid of taking step out in the new world as now travelling is not their core motto but STUDY!!!. This main aspect pressurised them and brought some unusual challenges for them. In contrast, those who want to learn in new world with new life and new beginning, makes them smarter in new environment by dealing with the same issues.

Necessity is only for those who really want to change their life and living of their families back to home who are waiting for the time when they can touch the ladder of satisfaction by seeing their child as a successful person. In different societies of the world, education is taken so seriously and is considered as a motive to brighten their future. In this way, studying abroad is the only brighter option for them that is why it is stated as necessity not luxury.

Parents or guardians think that sending their kids to abroad is their right decision or not? Definitely it is a good decision if your child is serious in his studies and also makes sure about his or her intentions and future plans related to his or her life in order to grasp the idea that what is going to do there.

I believe that whatever you think about anything, you have to live with it… and for that reason, I have mentioned that it is essential to know about the intentions and planning of your kids to understand them and then set your expectations accordingly as I have seen so many times that students who were not serious in their life, made a name in other’s land and those who promised to conquer the mountain, finally reached with nothing but indulgence in lavish environment of abroad.

Thus, encouraging young students in their lives to step in other land (legally) as it would be beneficial for their bright future and definitely for their families as well.


About the author: Eva Caulie is a travel writer, and an educational counsellor at a Dissertation Writing Service. She welcomes every kind of student from different regions of the world on her social media accounts that she prefer to give time for overseas students. To connect with Eva, please follow via Google+ | Twitter | Facebook


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