Step By Step SEO Audit Process to Boost Your Rankings

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SEO audit is the process for determining the search engine friendliness of a website in several sectors. There are more reasons for performing a search engine optimization audit of your website. First, you should find out the problematic areas that will need to improve and create an action plan to correct them properly. The Proper SEO Audit helps you to keep your website up-to-date with the help of latest search marketing technologies.

SEO audit is essential for every website. So, you should know how to perform your own audit step by step.

Step1-Check for Penalties

First, you should check whether your website is penalized by Google or not. So you must discover when the penalty occurred, why it was penalized as well as resolve this issue and remove the penalty.

Step2-Search for Appearance

The Second step of the process is to search your brand name in Google and view the results.

Step3-Technical SEO Audit

Read a review of your website thoroughly by starting with Technical SEO. This will e always comes first, because you ensure that the search engines can access and index your pages without any problems. For Go through the steps, you no need to be a developer or system administrator.

Step4-On-Page SEO Audit

After completing the process of Technical audit, you have to deal with the website content. This is the essential part of the SEO Services that will help search engines to understand your content meaning.

Step5-Off-Page SEO Audit

Off Page SEO can be referred to as the techniques and methods for promoting your website on the internet and also known as link building.

Finally, you check the site whether you have a presence in the most important social media channels or not. If you follow these steps, you will boost your rankings and organic traffic levels.

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